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Homework/Study time


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I'm seriously thinking about attending nursing school (LPN/full-time), and am wondering on average, how much time do you spend on studying and homework every night. Thanks!

I just started a full-time LPN program this week... it was recommended that we study 2-3 hours per night. I've found that it takes me perhaps a little longer to complete my notes for the day, review, complete homework/assignments and skim the next day's lecture.

My professor stated that even more study time will be required for later terms. I work full-time too... It's going to be a long and EXHAUSTING year! :crying2:

NurseLoveJoy88, ASN, RN

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I work full-time, so I study in 15 minute increments that total to about 1-2 hours a day.

I dont start until Monday but for my A&P class we were recommended to study 2 hours per hour spent in class...so u do the math....:banghead:

NamasteNurse, BSN, RN

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:typing I just started on January 7th. I'd say, honestly, I study about 2-3 hours a night. That includes doing assignments. Plus in addition to class time, we have to put in at least an hour a week in the lab, but again, honestly you need probably 3 hours a week at least to learn your skills adequately to pass the tests. It's a lot of time. A lot, especially if you work, as I do and have a family. Hard, but not impossible. My problem is finding time to exercise. Maybe the time I spend on here? :D

My problem is finding time to exercise. Maybe the time I spend on here? :D

Same here! I've given up for now .... although I really do need to add some exercise into my schedule. At this point, sleep is much more important. :yawn:


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Thanks for all your input! Just trying to get a glimpse at what I will be up against.

SynCardia, BSN

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I dont work but i have 3 children. I study right after school for as many hours as i can before i pick my kids up then I study for at leaast 6-8hrs on saturdy and sunday to review for the test i have comming up the following week. I gave up excerising in the first semester it made me to sleepy to study.


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1-2 hours if no test

3 or more if test

That is Mon- Thur

Friday off

Sat 1-2 hours

All day Sunday atleast 6

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