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Hi, as a newly appointed moderator, I want to live this forum up a bit. I just resigned my position as a HH supervisor, to go back to the field. I have been a nurse 20 years, 17 in critical care,... Read More

  1. by   hoolahan
    Wow!! I am glad I did this!! Hi everyone and welcome to the HH forum!!
  2. by   LoisJean
    Thanks, Hoolie! Welcome All! Nightngale--hang in there, girl- you'll soon have contract clients! (I know all, see all -well, maybe not everything!

    In my opinion, Home Health Care is on the edge of a very new beginning-more exciting than ever. Opportunities for nurses from all specialty walks of life will be needed in the home care setting. And for nurses like Nightngale, the need for the Entrepreneural Nurse will be wide open. The reasons for this are numerous, but I think any nurse who has had some exposure to the health care setting will see that the possiblilites in HHC, while slow in forming, are going to be well worth the wait.

    Lois Jean
  3. by   karumba2k
    Hello. my first discussion group, posting, e-club, whatever.... HH nurse x 9 years - still loving it, better with the new VNS tablet - Virtually paperfree at this time - only the consent, insurance forms are left! My strongest advise to all is to do the paperwork in the home!!!!! Just start doing it and it will get easier. I used to fill out all the paperwork the night before and finish it in the home. You tend to get more focussed, definitely more accurate. You have your teaching and assessment plan ready and you can always revise if the situation requires. The OASIS is a torture test, but it is an excellent research tool and in the end worth the effort. Hospitals and LTC facilities have their own version, but it is filled out over time by several nurses... So, Homecare, you couldn't make the stuff up that you see! Karumba2k RN, BSN
  4. by   renerian
    outbackannie I am sorry you lost your job to PPS. I worked for 10 home care agencies since 91. 6 of them laid me off.

  5. by   amk1964
    when hcfa made the cuts in medicare home health benefits, and told the american people that hh agencies were ripping them off they forgot to mention that these same type of patients were in the hospitals 10 yrs before for twice as long...any way you figure it, hh is cheaper. now they're back as in-patients and have become a discharge planning nightmare.
  6. by   renerian
    I know we ran into a billing nightmare with clients who were in an out of more than one agency in an episode. UGH.

  7. by   hotwheels
    Hi hotwheels is back for a little while! I still don't know where to go with all that is going on at my HH (hospital based) so we didn't close up but I know how you feel Outback...the agency that I worked at previously sold out to VNA. But the condtions at our HH agency is terrible but I love what I do and they really have me tied up because I need the benefits so they practically use me as a slave I feel like I'm back on the floor...Our director now has us doing chart review (and we don't get paid for it until all 5 charts have been reviewed) on top of carrying 8 visits a day 5 days a week....and half of the visits are not needed especially the weekend visits...the only thing good about the company is there is no on call during the week...HELP ME
  8. by   IrishElf
    I'm a psych home care rn and have been very busy, but I LOVE what I am doing! After 6 years inpatient I will never go back to working in a hospital.
    Irish Elf
  9. by   amesly15
    Homecare Supervisor here...been in HH last 10 years. Quit dragging my bag 3 years ago. I love HH.
  10. by   Turtle62
    Hello all. I am relatively new to the message boards (last week). I am a home health nurse, doing performance improvement now. I have been in home health since 1994, with the exception of a one year stint in public health clinics. I love home health care even with all the changes that have occured, and look forward to many more years in this area.
  11. by   sallytoo
    I'm an lpn with 3 years in home health. I still like the flexability of it since i'm paid per visit. The money is great. my only complaints would be: 1. non-airconditioned homes
    2. rodents and roaches
    3. pure D filthy houses.
  12. by   nightingale
    I just accepted a short term contract with a HH Agency in town through the end of August. I am SO excited because I have been wanting to get back into HHC.

    They said it is paid per visit or $ 33.00. I am not sure what the pay for a new intact or recert; would those be much higher?

    I remember the paperwork, groan... but I think I have a better attitude with it this time (???)...

    Any words of encouragement? Warnings? They said 5 pts per day was the norm. I am going to try to NOT work more then 4 days per week through the summer.
  13. by   LoisJean
    Hi, sallytoo! Always good to have LPNs on board providing Home Health care!! I'm a LPN also and can't imagine doing anything else but Home Care. Welcome aboard!

    Peace, LoisJean