Any advice on helping my wife's hurting feet? She is a nursing school student...

  1. and like me needs to lose weight. However, her feet are really hurting her. Here's some thoughts I've had and would be thankful for additonal input:

    1. Having SEVERAL pairs of shoes with inserts that she alternates.

    2. Massage of her feet daily.

    3. Are there any supplements that might help?

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  3. by   zenman
    Good shoes really help. I used those inserts with water "bubbles" in them once and my feet felt great. Might see a Podiatrist also. Keep on massaging those puppies. Make sure she returns the favor!
  4. by   Chaya
    My feet hurt most of every shift my first two years working. I'm about 25 lb overweight with very flat feet. The pain radiated to my thighs, hips and back also. I got no relief from the famous-brand designed-for-nurses shoes or from any insert or over-the-counter inner-sole I added. Finally out of desperation I went to a podiatrist and had orthotic inserts custom-made. It was pretty steep- ($300. for the first pair and if you had a second pair made at the same time it was half-price) but it was a pretty high priority for me by that time as I was in a great deal of pain all the time I was on my feet.That was the end of 95% of my foot, leg, hip or back pain. If you can manage the cost this could be the way to go.
  5. by   frann
    change major?
    I'm sorry that was not called for.
    30 lashes with wet noodle for myself. :chuckle
  6. by   caroladybelle
    Why not have her come her and ask us herself?
  7. by   AliceanRN2B
    Hi, I can relate to foot pain during clinicals...I found relief with birkenstock professional shoes, and also recommend Danskos, plus changing out every so often.
  8. by   VivaLasViejas
    Custom orthotics were the answer for me........I'm very overweight and have flat feet, but these things eliminated probably 90% of my foot and ankle pain, as well as most of my knee and hip pain. They even helped my back, although I've injured it so many times I'm surprised I'm still ambulatory.

    Yes, they were expensive, almost $500 for the pair, although my insurance picked up the lion's share of the cost. I thank God for them every day that I work---they've made the difference between barely tolerating 8-hour shifts on my feet and THRIVING.
  9. by   Ned the Red
    Way back when I enjoyed hiking. After carrying a 45 lb pack for a few hours I'd pull the boots off and spray my feet with some spray powder made by Dr. Scholl's. It dried and cooled them and felt really good. New, clean, socks and ready to go for another few hours.
  10. by   Ruby Vee
    Having two pairs of shoes with inserts is a great idea. It takes over 24 hours for the material in shoes to bounce back. I've been using Spenco Orthotic Arch Supports for years and am a big fan! Also, Danskos or Birkenstocks. The Birks just have never felt right on my feet, but I have several pairs of Danskos (no inserts needed) and rotate them. A good foot massage always helps, too!