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  1. Ned the Red

    Career change-teacher to nurse

    Y'all should be great. I haven't started the program yet (but have two nurses in the family) but did teach for a couple ofyears. But, you'll have a lot of transferrable skills that you can take from teaching to nursing. Keep it up and don't lose site of your goal!
  2. Ned the Red

    About a LTC MD who is BAD NEWS

    I can tell you that the FBI takes a VERY dim view of people who say they're affiliated with them. It would only take one call to get their attention!
  3. Ned the Red

    Anyone else having trouble getting work?

    Do you stay in touch with your contact at the agency? A friendly phone call from time to time wouldn't hurt. The sqeaky wheel and all that... Besides, the recruiter is more likely to place you if they know you and are comfortable with you as a person rather than just a number. If you don't know why you aren't getting called just ask them!
  4. Way back when I enjoyed hiking. After carrying a 45 lb pack for a few hours I'd pull the boots off and spray my feet with some spray powder made by Dr. Scholl's. It dried and cooled them and felt really good. New, clean, socks and ready to go for another few hours.
  5. Ned the Red

    Met my classmates - feel like an old fart

    Hey, jump right in there and enjoy!! Football games, fraternities and sororities, the senior prom, keggers!! HAH!
  6. Ned the Red

    A&P II at Northlake or Mountainview

    The plan right now is to take A&P II at night in the fall. Maybe Micro in the spring at night, then whatever other classes I can take without actually jumping into the nursing program full time. I guess I'll take it at NL since I work at 114 and MacArthur. It's just too close to pass up.
  7. Ned the Red

    Warning: Errors in N.E.T. Test Abound

    Care to share your letter with us? What errors did you find?
  8. Ned the Red

    A&P II at Northlake or Mountainview

    I'm trying to decide if I should take A&P II at Northlake or Mountainview college this fall in the evening. I took it at Mountainview this spring and it was a joke. Everything we learned we learned on our own because the lectures were on tape and the lab was no help at all. So, I'm thinking of taking it at Northlake because it's closer. Problem is I've heard it's just as crazy there! And, as much as I don't want to drive all the way to MV I at least have that program "figured out" - got an A out of it. Can anyone tell me what to expect at Northlake CC?
  9. Interesting show on NPR last week. They talked about testosterone. This probably isn't news to y'all but I (just getting started) was amazed. Among other things they said that because men generally have more of the hormone we tend to focus better on one thing and ignore everything else going on around us. It also makes us less sensitive (no news with that) than women. Does that mean that women are naturally better suited for nursing? After all, you assess, assess, assess - and look at the big picture of what's going on with the pt and are more sensitive to everything. Of course, that also makes you more sensitive to your co-workers! As someone else said, most of us guys don't even notice half the time when we've been insulted. And, if we do we either assume they're joking around or just blow it off. That can also be a problem when someone (like my wife) WANTS us to notice something. Don't need to explain that one! Anyway, I guess to some extent we're all prisoners of our hormones and we just need to be aware of the fact and deal with it. I'm with Tom - I don't want women to be like men - I like (most of) them just the way they are. And, I hope if I can eventually make it through nursing school I'll have the privilage of working on a floor where the talents of both sexes can be used well - as a team. Ned
  10. I'll strike out in a different direction with this thread. And, this idea just now came to me so, it isn't fully formed and I'm not sure even I understand what I want to say. But, bear with me.... again, as one who's not yet in nursing. Working in the field is high stress for everyone. And you need to work well as a team. Your team can begin to develope an "us vs them" mentality and sometimes one of the people on the team becomes "them" because of the stress. In the "heat of battle" it's difficult to be introspective and see how your actions might impact others and how the dynamic of the group can get off base. And, is it possible that a group that's all women (or all men for that matter) might react less well to the stress than would a mixed group? I know I'm rambling but I guess what I'm getting at is that it isn't a men vs women thing as much as it is a question of needing a group that has varied backgrounds, perspectives, etc. Hope someone out there can find a kernal of truth in all that!
  11. Ned the Red

    Who will be starting El Centro's program Fall 2004?

    Keep in mind that I'm no expert on any of this stuff but - I've looked at what you'd take for the LVN program vs the LVN to RN program vs the straight through RN program and, from what I can tell, you'll get a better education by just going for the RN.
  12. Ned the Red

    Wanting to Move to Dallas

    Not sure if it runs past that hospital but if DART light rail can get you there it opens up a few other possibilities. You can jump on the train from the airport area and be downtown in about 1/2 hour. Anyone know if there's a stop near Children's?
  13. Ned the Red

    Curious. How many "older" students

    a little encouragement from an old-timer. just saw my grade posted for a&p i on the school website. i couldn't believe it but there it was staring me right in the face - a big, fat a! now i feel like if i can pull that off after not having taken any classes in 30 years maybe i can actually do this thing! there's hope for all of us yet!
  14. Ned the Red

    Who will be starting El Centro's program Fall 2004?

    Not in "the program" yet but I hope to take A&P II in the evening at Northlake. Might see you around if you're there after 5:00! Good luck to you as a full timer from a part timer.
  15. Ned the Red

    What does your uniform look like?

    Hey Truly - you laugh but, notice that we're both from Texas! We may both look like dorks before this is all over! Oh, well, I'm old enough that I guess I look like a dork anyway (at least that's what my three kids tell me) so I'm not worried much about it. Ned
  16. Ned the Red

    Suggestions on Study habits

    Something that really helps me is to work with others in the class - especially those that are strugging. I find I learn the most when I'm trying to teach it to someone else. A couple of people have mentioned that they go over the material with their family members and that's great but, if it's someone in your class they can ask questions your husband might not. So, form those study groups early on and make them work. In one of the other threads someone mentioned that he'd set up a yahoo group for online studying. Pretty cool idea.

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