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I'm currently working on the pre-reqs for a local nursing program - trying to get out of my current field of contracts, sourcing, procurement. What I'd like to try to do, as a bridge, is land a position in purchasing at one of the local hospitals. Does anyone in the Dallas area have any thoughts on the best way to go about this? Contacts, direction, etc?

I'm great at what I do and believe I'd be great at nursing so, I'd like to get "closer to the action" while I'm working on it.

Thanks in advance

well, for starters im not in the dallas area, so i dont know how to help you got a job in purchasing, but if you really want to experience the atmostphere of the hospital and the nurses i would suggest trying to ward clerking. im currently a 2nd semester SRN at the JC i attend, and while i was working on my prereqs. i wanted to get a job at one of the hospitals in my area, i went to personell and they had a list of all the job openings and i applied and now work as a ward clerk at a SNF owned by the local hospital group. i'v been able to do my job which has helped me out in the nursing program (ie transcription and learning meds) and i see how the nurses around me work and what they have to do. i know this isnt the exact answer you were looking for but hey maybe it will help :~)

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