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hired after age 58 as rn?


how many of youhave been hired as an rn after the age of 58, (with good backround as lpn,or none?)


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I work with a guy in his 50's. He got hired with no problem as an LPN in LTC, but now that he has his RN he is having a really hard time getting into a hospital. He's sure it's because of his age.

Gee, I hope that we baby boomers, who have bloomed late, aren't going to be discriminated against because we are over 50. Yes, we might not run as fast as a 20 something but we have a lot of life experience to offer, plus maturity. I thought 50 was the new 30 something!!! "Rage rage against the dying of the light.":specs:

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I was hired 3 months ago at the age of 56 to a medical detox center

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i work with a RN who is 70 on a med/surg floor and she does great.. i just love working with her , she is such a excellent nurse , and fun to talk to.. she was employee of the month last month...

I have a few people in their 50's on my floor. One of them graduated about a year ago.

how many of youhave been hired as an rn after the age of 58, (with good backround as lpn,or none?)

I went to nursing school with a lady who was 58 and got a job working in the trauma unit of a local hospital and is doing extremely well at it.

I'm 56 and just graduated RN nursing school. One hospital wouldn't even give me an interview even though I had worked there as a CA. The other hospital in town offered me a job on the spot. Discrimination is out there, but age doesn't matter to everyone.


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I have a friend who had zero experience in medical field. She got her ADN while she was out of work due to getting hurt on the job right before she retired from it. (She still retired but had not worked for 2 years prior to that) She was 55 at the time.

She got a job right off the bat on a hospital oncology floor. This place is not desperate for nurses either. She is well liked as a professional and as a person.


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I worked with a nurse a few years back who was 81 years and she could walk faster than I could. Also I recently worked with a nurse who is 72 years and she's the night supervisor.


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I used to work with a lady who worked for 30 years for AT&T and then retired at age 50 with a great pension and benefits package from them. But her dream had always been to be a nurse. So, when she retired at the age of 50, she enrolled in a BSN program! She graduated 4 years later and passed her boards. From age 54 to 65 she worked on a cardiac floor as a RN. She was a GREAT nurse by the way. Then she retired for the second time in her life! But this time she really retired! I was so impressed by this lady! She could have said, "I always wanted to be a nurse but now it is too late and I am too old." But, no, she went for it and fulfilled her dream!


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Yah for her. I too am 50 almost 51, been an LVN for two years and now just started my LVN to RN bridge program. I plan on becoming a great RN. I love my patients and being a nurse. 50 is the new 30, enough said. As long as you are breathing you might as well do what you want with your life. Don't listen to stupid people just because they are too scared to take a risk and follow their dreams. Time passes no matter what! God bless older nurses. :yeah::yeah::yeah::nurse::bow:

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Alot of our travelers in the ER seem to be that age as well. Some are good, some aren't. Age isn't the main factor here!


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Thank you all! I have to bring your messages to one of my classmates who is in his late 50.

Thanks again!

It is not our age but our spirit that makes all difference!

I know that, & you know that,but what about the folks who hire?

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