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Have to give an inservice for the nursing staff (RN, LVN, CNA).Does anyone have any thing they could share with I would gratly appreciated it. I only have a week to put this together. :confused:

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Always check the chart as to who is POA and who you can give information to. We had a problem last week at my place of employment where someone came in and told us they were a family member. They were requesting information about the patient and requested to take the patient's wallet, to "Keep it safe while he was here". We checked out the chart and found this person was not on it, called the POA and was instructed to only give minimal information to this person and DO NOT under any circumstances give this person any person items that belonged to the patient. Don't know what the back ground was on this, but if the CNA or nurse just took this person's word for it, we would have been in BIG trouble. Can't trust some people for nothing. Obviously the pt was confused. By the way it is HIPAA

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I confer with risk management, infection control, quality control and the case managers to find out if any trends need to be addressed. Joint Commission site always has ideas and may help fulfill some expectation that your Quality Director needs. Who is the Safety Committee chair? That person may have issues that need to be addressed - like dealing with aggressive people.


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Most facilities have a standing program developed by the compliance officer addressing HIPAA which is included in the orientation packet for new hires. Check with your staff development person or Nurse Education office to see if they have this material available to you. Most places have a annual review of this and want the established materials used.

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Fix your spelling so you will indeed appear to know what you're inservicing...


I'm sure that after you do your research and understand what the acronym stands for, you won't make the same spelling error.

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Look again, it has been a long day. HIPAA

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Ok ladies, thanks for doing spell check for me. I guess my fingers got to dancing to much. Again thanks for all your help about the info for the inservice. There is quite a bit on the web, I will make a power point inservice and make this a part of the annual inservice. Thanks again.:yeah:

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There are tons of violations in the LTC setting since most of the residents spend a good bit of time together. Semi private rooms, group therapy sessions...Speaking with family members that come to visit day in and day our and are active in the residents care but then you find out they are not POA or listed in the chart. How about having residents around the nurses station...wow what they hear.