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  1. Need orientation checklist for nurses and aides

    I would love to have a copy of the checklist if you would not mind
  2. Mini Inservices

    This sounds great, I know it will take me some time to put this together, but will really help our staff. I have such a hard time to get the staff to come to the monthly inservice. But I will try this and see how it works. Thanks for you time .
  3. Infection control logs

    Looking for infection control logs/templates for LTC. If anyone has a template and would be willing to share it I would be so greatfull. The one we have is hard to get all the data collected and ask for data that we don't even have and unable to get....
  4. infection control log

    Looking for a template/log for infection control for a LTC. Does anyone have one they would be able to share?. Would very much be appreciated Will send e-mail if needed. Thanks in advance.
  5. MDS Charting Emphasis for Staff

    May I have a copy of the PPS form.
  6. MDS Charting Emphasis for Staff

    Wondering if you ever got a copy of that form? If you did could you send me a copy.
  7. Any MDS data collection forms?

    I would like a copy of the form also. Thanks in advance
  8. Bowel & Bladder Retraining/Maintenance

    I would appreciate if I could get any & all the copies also. Thanks in advance
  9. Mini Inservices

    Can you share any of your mini inservices?
  10. hipaa inservice

    Have to give an inservice to CNA. Does anyone have any ideas for a fun inservice, information on Hipaa they would share. Thanks in advance.
  11. skilled days

    Thanks for all your help. This is just a wonderful place to be able to get advice and tips. Thanks to all.
  12. skilled days

    resident came in facility and stayed 17 days went home for 13 days now needs to return and receive skilled services. Admission day would be day 30 from discharge of hospital stay. would he still qualify for services under the 30 day window. I say no,...
  13. MDS Charting Emphasis for Staff

    I would love to have a copy also. Thanks in advance
  14. HIPAA

    Ok ladies, thanks for doing spell check for me. I guess my fingers got to dancing to much. Again thanks for all your help about the info for the inservice. There is quite a bit on the web, I will make a power point inservice and make this a part of t...
  15. HIPAA

    Have to give an inservice for the nursing staff (RN, LVN, CNA).Does anyone have any thing they could share with I would gratly appreciated it. I only have a week to put this together.