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What is a care card? Is it like the kardex used at the hospital. If you have an example please may I have one. I am trying to get the CNA's better tools to work with. Thanks in advance:jester:

Our care cards have details about individual resident. Are they inc.? How do they transfer? Are they supposed to be ambulated on unit? Do they need help to eat? How much? Do they wear dentures? Do they need frequent naps? Do they have bed and or chair alarms? Can they be left alone in BR? The list goes on. The idea is that you can look at the care card and be confident that you can safely take care of that patient.


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What we use at my facility is a simple form (that someone made with microsoft word) that is something like what I have below. Then we put a check mark next to the applicable items for that patient.

Oral - dentures: full set( ) upper( ) lower( )

Transfer/ambulation - independent( ) 1 assist( ) 2 assist( ) 3 assist( )

gaitbelt( ) walker( ) wheelchair ( ) cane( ) Hoyer( ) stand-lift( )

Toileting needs - incontinent( ) wears depends( ) toilet( ) urinal( )

commode( ) bedpan( ) may leave unattended( ) do not leave unattended( )

Eating - regular liquids( ) nectar liquids( ) honey liquids( )

no straw( ) regular diet( ) mech. soft( ) pureed( )