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Question for you all: If a nurse posts a Facebook status about their patient, blatantly mocking the reason for their admission (i.e., an embarrassing reason), most people would agree this is a... Read More

  1. by   Marsha238612
    I don't understand the need to go report this "friend" of yours.
    He/she will get what's coming to him/her, there are consequences for everything we do, especially this Facebook related stuff. You don't need to be the tattle tale, worry about your life and not what others are doing wrong.

    This is why I REFUSE to be part of this Facebook mania, because of all this drama, gossip, "righteous" informants, and overall problems that it carries.

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  2. by   PacoUSA
    Just to update: the person who posted on Facebook has since departed (on their own accord for another job) and this is the end of the story. No one will be getting reported.
  3. by   PurpleLover
    This is why I will never add co-workers or fellow nursing classmates.

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  4. by   Overland1
    It is often called Fecesbook for a reason; there is some really goofy s___ on there. Details of work should not be posted there, unless somebody really wants to be unemployed and financially broke. This is not rocket surgery. you people.
  5. by   ParkerBC,MSN,RN
    I don’t post anything work-related on Facebook. There were a couple of nurses fired for that recently. A photo was posted that had patient information in the background. I refuse to take pictures with co-workers for this very reason. Besides, you never know who is a friend of a friend.
  6. by   simplesmile
    Quote from tewdles
    Sounds like social media needs to be a focus in nursing school.
    Believe me, it is!
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  7. by   ArtClassRN
    Quote from Paco-RN
    Question for you all:

    If a nurse posts a Facebook status about their patient, blatantly mocking the reason for their admission (i.e., an embarrassing reason), most people would agree this is a HIPAA violation even if the patient was not ID'ed by name.

    But do fellow nurses have a duty to report this nurse in any way to management or to the state BON?
    I had this happen with a former classmate and I warned her that she had better remove her facebook post.

    She did.

    No BON necessary.
  8. by   Lioness333
    Oh, but it's ok to come on here and say "I had a patient admitted for such and such...." Why is FB criminalized and not other forums? This is why I don't have any work contacts on FB, EVER.
  9. by   toomuchbaloney
    I don't think that a nurse posting an embarassing reason for a patient to be admitted to the hospital is necessarily a HIPAA violation. Poor judgement - perhaps, HIPAA violation - maybe
    For instance I could comment on FB that a guy came into my place of work with a gerbil in his rectum, do you think you could ID that patient based upon my comment?

    Many people do not identify occupation or employer on their FB.
    Many people only share posts with friends and family, their profiles and comments are not public.
  10. by   SDALPN
    Oh, get over it. Quit looking for reasons to report someone or cause trouble. Its only a violation if its personally identifiable info. As long as personally identifiable info isn't there, its not violating anything. This HIPAA stuff is getting way out of hand. Why must so many people go overboard? If its a small town and you mention the AIDS pt and there is only one person in town with AIDS, its identifiable info. If you live in a town where tons of people have AIDS, you haven't identified anyone.

    There are bigger issues to worry about. Quit making life more difficult for nurses than it already is. Do you really think every nurse comes home to their spouse and refuses to answer the question or vent when asked how their day was? They weren't telling the patients next of kin without permission. Come on, enough already! Quit trying to get your coworkers in trouble and work with them as a team.

    Did you bother to ask your coworker about the post or discuss your concerns with your coworker? Or was it more important to find out if you could tattle on her? And not just a tattle to the boss, but to people above that.
  11. by   Lioness333
    OMG...ARE YOU GOING TO GO TO MY PROFILE, TRACK ME DOWN, AND REPORT ME TO MY EMPLOYER FOR LIKING THE ABOVE POST??? Or are you going to stop trying to control other people and get a life, or work on your own issues? :-)
  12. by   studentnursemon86
    I often have fun work stories. My friends get a kick out of some of them.
    I always make a point to never mention any names or any information about the patient other than the silly thing they said or he gross thing I saw.
    One story happened that got news exposure. They know I was there that night. Unfortunately, the whole city (and probably nationally) knows all about that because it was heavily covered.
    I am pretty sure I haven't violated any HIPAA laws. And I never post on social media, nor do I have it listed there where I work.

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