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Used to work in LTC, decided to become a teacher for many reasons.

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  1. Lioness333

    Politics of Nursing

    The order in which they care about things 1.) MONEY. Squeezing you for your value. 2.) Catering to people so they don't get sued and lose #1. Period.
  2. Lioness333

    RNs leaving Nursing?

    I'm leaving to pursue my life-long dream of a PhD in Anthropology, to be a paleopathologist. It's the ONLY reason I choose a BSN. I was not "called" to nursing and as a child/teen never wanted to or even thought of becoming a nurse. Now, that doesn't mean that I'm not a good nurse or that I don't care about my patients. I am very analytical, a great educator, abd the "go-to" person when someone needs something explained or figured out, which is why I always say "I'm an anthropologist disguised as a nurse." I am always met with objection when I tell people what I'm going to grad school for. They say "Just get your NP...the money is good and you're good at this." Monet does not now or ever will buy my happiness. I plan on teaching in a university while simultaneously finding, cleaning off, and examining mummies and skeletons in Egypt by 2021. I just have to wait for the day-to-day parenting to cease so I can work just PT as an RN and focus on school instead of working FT to support a family.
  3. Becoming a nurse. What I learned from it was that it was an extension of co-dependency learned in childhood, the whole thing that took me away from my desired path. Fortunately I don't see my age as a limiting factor, and I'm returning to what I always wanted, and that surely has nothing to do with being a punching bag for everyone else.
  4. Lioness333

    Employee abuse?

    Bingo. "Be glad you have a job." "Customer service is our priority." "Her daughter doesn't want her medicated." "What did you do to set her off?" "Maybe you could finish passing meds and take her for a walk." "His son is calling his lawyer if we transfer him to geripsych." "She doesn't know any better. Where is your compassion?" "He can be difficult. He likes cookies. Did you try parking him at your desk and giving him cookies?" #whynursesleave
  5. Lioness333


    If anyone ever tells you not to feel or have emotions about the people you put your life on the line for, just walk away. They are not worth the energy to formulate a response.
  6. Lioness333

    Is nursing the best career to choose ?

    Who says you have to do it for the rest of your life? A BSN means you can earn a living as a nurse WHILE you pursue what you REALLY want to do, and you have the opportunity to learn valuable translatable skills. I chose the BSN over other Bachelor's Degrees over 20 years ago, and now that I don't have small children, I am able to go get the graduate degree I want for what my true calling is.
  7. Lioness333

    It's Wrong! (A night shift perspective)

    This is why many people recuse themselves from any role in a relative's care. It may look to the staff that they don't care, or that the family sees them as incompetent, but if you are dealing with a sibling who is threatening you with a lawyer and charges of neglact if you don't put a feeding tube in Mom, some people decide that they don't want that kind of drama in their life. As for nurses, it's best to chart with the jury in mind, thanks to ambulance chasers.
  8. "I regret to inform you that I have been offered an opportunity that I cannot pass up and I must resign from my position on (date). I appreciate the experience I had at this facility and I am sure you will find a qualified nurse to replace me. Sincerely, Overjoyed. Or, "There's something about this job that bugs me. I must crawl away."
  9. Lioness333

    chiropractor employee taking blood pressures

    Anyone can be trained to take a BP. Personally, I don't think anyone should use the title of "nurse" unless they are one, but I would never waste time trying to report them...time in my life I can't get back, and for what? To be on a power trip? No, thanks.
  10. Lioness333

    Care, compassion,comfort

    We were often hugged in LTC by patients and families. If they initiate and seek out that physical act of comfort, who is anyone to tell anyone it's inappropriate to embrace them back? Except for one lawyer I know of, but people who never got hugs often don't know how valuable they are.
  11. Lioness333

    General workplace/personal life separation

    I cannot believe that someone told someone else not to reply on a public forum. I guess the concept of "a comment that isn't going to enhance my perspective...next!" is foreign to some. Well, I will be adding to my "disregard" list...kind of how I treat people offline who tell others how to think, feel and act. To the OP, this is why I didn't become a nurse to make friends. The goal was to earn a living and to learn. I know some people think I should say "I am here to serve others..." but the fact is, good luck finding anyone in nursing who would do it for free for the rest of their life.
  12. Lioness333

    Falls at shift change...

    Well some managers don't care about the health, well-being, or familial personal needs of their staff, they only care that they are sheeple who make them look good to Admin. Don't act shocked that I opted out.
  13. Lioness333

    New FB messenger,...HIPAA Violations?

    I never use my phone for work other than a text regarding schedules. I don't have my employer name in my phone. I refer only to unit/floor if someone asks where they are working, and I don't socialize with colleagues outside of work, or online. Problem solved.
  14. OMG...ARE YOU GOING TO GO TO MY PROFILE, TRACK ME DOWN, AND REPORT ME TO MY EMPLOYER FOR LIKING THE ABOVE POST??? Or are you going to stop trying to control other people and get a life, or work on your own issues? :-)
  15. Lioness333

    Drowning in LTC

    "Well, I'm going to have to report you because you should have refused the admission when you saw it was getting past the time you would have been able to complete it." Simple. When you are young, new, just learning and didn't know you could refuse, that's scary. However, one of the above replies is probably from one of those types. Enough said.
  16. Lioness333

    Falls at shift change...

    I have actually been LEAVING EXHAUSTED, WALKING OUT, witnessed a fall, and ran to a time clock to punch back in and help and do the reports. You know NOTHING about how I am...I am VALUED by employers...you should NEVER assume how I think, feel and act.