highly recommend saunders


I have been hearing recently how helpful saundres NCLEX comprehensive review book is. I went out and purchased it. My text scores from the first semester were usually between a 78-84. I've had the book for my last two tests and they have improved dramatically. Yesterday I received a 96 on my test. I read through all my homework, use the CD ROM and answer all the questions. Even if i don't get them right, I read through the rationale and that also helps me learn the material. I highly recommend this book to use while in nursing school to help pull up those test grades.

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Ditto!!! i loved that book! it helped so much and i swear that's why i passed my nclex too!


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I used Saunders 3rd edition to get an awesome HESI score.

its a great book!


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wish i wasnt lazy in school and used it


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Our nursing tutorial person at school highly recommends it and I also have seen improvements after using the book. I have even seen test questions VERY similar!

Well worth the money...just sums it all up!


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I bought it last semester and I couldn't believe how many questions on our tests come from Saunders verbatim. It was a great investment and I use it as a study tool for every single test. I love it!!!


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Glad to hear this....just bought it about an hour ago!! Our nursing tutor also highly recommended this book. I'm in Med-Surg right now and could sure use a grade boost!!

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Yea I had the same thing happen with the same exact book. Several people in my class were using it and one day one of them told me about it - I was upset that I didn't hear about it sooner. That Saunders book is actually the kind of book where you could just throw away your textbook and just study from the NCLEX book...it's that comprehensive and good (at least in my program).

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Just to clarify for anyone who might not know what the other posters are talking about:

Saunders Comprehensive Review for the NCLEX-RN Examination, 3rd edition, by Linda Anne Silvestri. It comes with a CD that has over 4,000 NCLEX type questions on it.


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which classes is the saunders book helping you out with?? I'm guessing med surg and the more advanced courses. right now im taking therapeutics which is pretty much a fundamentals class and pathopharm 2. would saunders help with these classes or should i wait until next semester when taking med surg to get it??

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there's some pharm, and some basics in the book...we got it when we first started school but i never opened it up until the thrid term and i really wished i had had it all along!


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ok, i've been thinking about getting this book; after reading this thread - i think it sounds like a great choice

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