highest paying hospitals in florida?

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What are the highest paying hospitals to work in in the sunshine state? Central fl is trying to meet the average pay but I know other area's pay more.


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Originally posted by Roberto:

What are the highest paying hospitals to work in in the sunshine state? Central fl is trying to meet the average pay but I know other area's pay more.

I would love to hear some replies on this. I am moving to Melbourne next month and will be job shopping. Thanks, Karen [email protected]


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I am considering on moving to Florida in a couple years, when my last child leaves the nest. I would appreciate some input from you Florida nurses on best places to live and work. So, what is the pay down there and where are some ok hospitals etc to work at? I am an IMCU nurse and have enjoyed checking out this site, good place to vent and chat with fellow nurses!!!!!!


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I live in South Central Florida and have worked in a (somewhere around) 125 bed hospital, most recently in OB. Pay scale is somewhere around $13. for new grads, based on total years nursing experience for others. After 3.5 years, I'm $15.50. I know that local SNFs are paying higher but haven't been interested enough to check it out.

Sounds truly awful until you consider our cost-of-living which is very reasonable. We're a fairly small town, high on the retired side and very seasonal. Great place to raise kids but if you're looking for single-person excitement and dating possibilities... head for the Coast.


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although you are moving to Florida, you may want to consider looking at a travel assignment in the area you will be working. It usually pays much more than base pay, plus you get insurance benefits and a stipend for living (if you don't take their housing). Additionally, you can see whehter or not if the hospital is right for you (during a 13 week assignment). I took an assignment at the Miami Heart Institute from early Januray 99 to April 99. It paid $23/hr, plus a condo in South Beach (on the beach!) Very nice!!! Its something you may want to consider.

Originally posted by Roberto:

What are the highest paying hospitals to work in in the sunshine state? Central fl is trying to meet the average pay but I know other area's pay more.


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I live in the Tampa area, and I am graduating with my ADN in 2 weeks! The hospitals in this area are starting new grads between $15.30-$16/hr base, plus shift diffs., and one group does have sign-on bonus of $5000. One group of hospitals, BayCare (5 campuses) pays more for BSN. So does the VA hospital. These wages were just raised from around $13.50/hr for new grads. The shortage is a huge problem here, with our large elderly population. Several of the hospitals also have student loan repayment programs.

I think the travel idea for those of you who want to move here is GREAT! In fact, after I get my year of hosp. experience, I am going to travel every summer when the kids are out of school, to the beach of course!! I'll work pool at the local hospital the rest of the time (on my hubby's benfits biggrin.gif ). PRN and agency work can get you $25-35 an hour.

Another thing to think about--no state income tax in FL, and a relatively low cost of living (except in Miami!). Tampa and Orlando are two cities that are growing. I love Tampa, and Tampa Gen Hosp is a big teaching hospital, Trauma I and very hi-tech.

Hope that helps! You can email me at [email protected] if I can be of further assistance!





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Hi Rachel,

I saw your reply on allnurses.com on Florida hospitals. The salaries down there are even lower than I thought. I am ion Connecticut where my base is $30/hr. I have almost 20 years experience but our new grads make at least $20/hr.

Anyway, I am thinking about relocating to Florida when my youngest graduates from HS. You mentioned Tampa and I like that west coast area (I lived in Orlando area as a child). Are you familiar with some of the other hospitals in Pasco County (New Port Richey area). please also tell me what you know about the Tampa hospitals. If I do move to that area, I would certainly consider the commute to Tampa.

Thanks in advance. I like the travel idea, too, although if I relocate, I want to buy a house again.

I do labor/delivery by the way,

Betsy in Connecticut


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rachel, your e-mail does not work. I treid to ask you some questions and my e-mail to you did not go through, Said you were not a user, whatever that means. LOL


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Please tell me these are not true nursing salaries!!!!

I live the southeastern part of Texas and our cost of living is very low but we still have nursing salaries that START at $17. to $18 an hour. Experienced nurses are making $22-$26 an hour on average.

What in the world is causing Florida salaries to be barely livable???? And these certainly not are not a reflection of the work they are asking you to do or the responsibility you have.


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I now know why I will stay in Calif after I retire. The wages here are so much higher, I know cost of living is also, but you tend to get more nurses in areas where the wages are good. I make $38/hr full benefits now after 27 years and I know new grads are starting at around $21/hr. Cost of living is really not to bad where I live, but I don't work where I live. I guess everything is relative when looking at places to live. Some things are expensive and other things are reasonable. mike


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This issue has been and is being discussed at some length on the Florida forum of this BB.



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baycare in or around tampa pays better than most. in pasco county a baycare facility starts at 19.50 new grads and pays experience nurses per skills you can prove which adds up pretty good.Not unusal for an expeienced nurse to start around 25.00 and there are plenty of positions open. taxes are high food and gas are expencive but the sunshine is free.come on down as atravel nurse first and see how you like it.

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