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  1. Roberto

    Are you ashamed of being a nurse?

    I feel no pride in being a nurse. I look at it as a job and nothing more. When I leave to go home I leave my job behind me and do the things I like to do. I know I'm in a minority when I say this. I feel no shame in being a nurse but I don't feel as if I'm really making a difference. Yes I have saved peoples lives on some occassions but to me that is part of the job. Don't feel bad for me because I don't.
  2. Roberto

    Please be honest...

    Shellntx I was 42 when I enrolled in a 2 year college. I had to do 3smesters of pre req's before beingadmitted to theprogram I found out about my acceptance after being out of school for 1 semester. I had finished all of my prereq's and was waiting for a reply from the program admin. During that time I was at the tail end of a bankruptcy due to a biz failure that wiped me out. I was also staying at my mom's house to take her to the hospital about 3 x a week for her newly diagnosed cancer. I had my wife and child staying back in Florida during this time to help keep the house in order. My life was in shambles but I kept at it. I returned to Florida in December tostart the program and by that time my mom's XRT was completed. I was able to obtain loans and grants to get me through school and employed at a local hospital part time to help with expenses. My wife was working and we had health ins. throuh her job. I finished school in 8/95 and have been working ever since. I'm now 50 years old with > than 5 years as a RN. By the way my mom died the week after I finished nursing school. If I did it I 'm sure you can to. Sorry for the length of the message. Good luck.
  3. Roberto

    French nursing student

    Email me if you come to Orlando,Fl. I have worked here for 7 years as a RN.
  4. What are the highest paying hospitals to work in in the sunshine state? Central fl is trying to meet the average pay but I know other area's pay more.
  5. Roberto

    How much do you make?

    $25.00/hr. Prn RN, pool nurse Orlando,Fl 6 years licensed (started at $11.90/hr. full time as med/surg in 12/95)