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Hi I am Ann... I am 51 and want to be a nurse

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I started to take some classes in my twenties to be a nurse .. quit to get back with old boyfriend.. not good idea.. now ex husband.. :( Any now 24 years later I still want to be a nurse. I worked hard for years in family business. and raised two kids.. I have been taking a few classes here and there and will finally be able to be full time in a community college in the fall! I am hoping to apply to nursing school in a year. Some people say I am too old.. but I am thinking I would rather try and fail then not try! I do have money for private nursing school but I read if you do that then you can't get a masters..because they aren't accredited. I don't know if that is true or not.... anyway..I love this site!!!

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Go for it!! You are NOT TOO OLD!!! You'll love it to. I'm proud to say that I am finally done! It took me a good 4yrs in a community college but I did it. Several of my best and closest friends are in their 50s and I met them in nursing school. I was also a non-traditional student nurse: married with three children & in my 30s. It was the best decision I ever made. Don't let anyone not even yourself stand in front of your dreams. Please keep me posted on your progress!!!

Hi Ann,

Well, I just graduated in May, and in July I will be 44 years old. I, too, worked for may years in a family business and raised my kids, and at 39 decided to go back to school. I have really enjoyed it and I am finially finished. Many of my classmates were older than me, and they did just fine. Please don't let your age discourage you. If it takes you 4 years to complete, you will be 55. In 4 years, if you don't go to school, you will be 55 anyway!!! I went to a private college because I had to work full time while in school. The program I attended allowed me to go nights and weekends. There is no reason why I can't further my education and go for my master's degree...I am planning on it. I think you will truly enjoy chasing your dream....GO FOR IT !!!!! ENJOY!!!

Ann ......CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! You should be so proud of yourself! Don't ever feel bad about waiting.....you cant help how life happens. I am also new to the college scene (3rd semester)and work full time. I knew for a long time that I wanted to be a nurse but I always thought I was too busy to try.All I can say is when im driving home at night after class tired as crap, I have such a wonderful sense of accomplishment like everything is perfect around me. Do this for yourself and I hope you too feel the same as you drive home from your busy day! GOOD LUCK! please also keep me posted on your wonderful journey! :yeah:

Future RN-PA...Thanks so much for your encouragement!! I appreciate more than you know! It has been a dream of mine and gave it up to support my ex husbands goals and now although a little afraid of failure.. I am going to work hard to see my dream through! I will keep you posted thanks!

katiebugg.. thanks for your thoughts and encouraging me to go for it! Congratulations on following yours! You are right I will get older no matter what I do! Thanks so much!

nursinghopefully..thanks so much for your post... I feel that way after taking a class.. I love to learn! My daughter took some medical class and I helped her study and she looked at me and said how do you know that stuff. I told her I just read all I can about medical issues because it so interests me! I will keep you posted thanks!

Hi Ann

I am 55 and just completed my first semester in cc for my RN AND landed a much coveted nurse intern position for the summmer and on into the school year.

Go for it, don't let your age be a factor. I vascillated for a couple of years on that topic and if I hadn't, I would have finished by now.

Good luck.


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I'm about your age, finally getting around to finishing my master's

People don't do the traditional 65 y/o total retirement anymore.

So you have 15-20 years of work life left, maybe more.

What do you want to be doing those 2 decades?

If you want it, go for it.

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Good luck to you. Many Masters schools do indeed require a BSN from accredited schools. :)

You're not too old.

When I learned my Social Security eligible age would be 67, I realized I had 20 years to give to a new profession.

I started taking the science prerequisites at night and during the summer the year before I began nursing school. I started nursing school at 47 and just finished my first year. I have a paid summer externship. I will be finishing nursing school at 48. The smartest thing I did was to complete the science prerequisites before beginning the program. I'm an A student.

There are a lot of advantages to being an adult student, because it requires more than textbook learning and requires emotional maturity to take the responsibility seriously.

So far we have lost about 15 students from the program, all of whom were under 25. When I interviewed for different nursing schools, they all said that mature students do very well.

The only challenge for over age 30 students, is usually managing their time around family needs, employment and finances. One disadvantage for me is having patience with young adults who live at home with their parents and whine about the workload from school. I had to downgrade from full-time employment to part-time employment, utilizing savings to fund the school process.

The nursing program is manageable, especially if you have work experience. The requirements are very similar to a job. You just need to manage your time effectively.

You can do it! Good luck to you.

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Follow your American Dream.....

It is not too late or too old for school, recently, there is lady in her 80 or 90, I am not so sure about her age, who graduated from college with her granddaughter in the same time.

If it is a nursing program, then you can check with the Department of Education in your state and find out whether it is accredited or not.

Community College is cheaper, but it is more competitive...inasmuch as more people applying for it.

Don't forget...never too old to go back to school.

Good luck to whatever you do in the future.

And I can't wait to see you finishing up the program.

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Annmel i say go for it!!!Im 44 and contemplated going back for my RN.I still might do it.On all nurses.com there seems to be qite a few older persons that just started school due to second careers,ect.GO for it!!!I also just read an article about a 95 y/o college graduate.I think thats great!!You are never too old and dont let anyone tell you its too late! shame on them!

My best friend in school is 48 years old right now. We about to start the program together. Think about how fast 4 years passes by four years from now whouldnt you rather be a nurse then not be a nurse? Just Do IT!!!!!!!

Thanks diarygirl.. I am getting better about the divorce.. tough year though! thanks for asking!


Thanks! You asked a good question ! What do I want to do? I want to go to school and be a nurse. I got offered a job as assistant manger in a book store ..where I work part time. I have helped run a family business for 15 years..but I want something different. IF I was ten years younger I would go try forensic nursing. But before I think that far ahead I need to make it through the prerequisites first..thanks for the encouragement!

Tweety.. thanks for the info and the good luck!

Thanks Barbara.. congrats to you for all you have accomplished that is awesome! My kids are grown ... I have the time the finances and motivation! My family is supportive for the most part! I appreciate the tips you gave thanks!

thanks chuck for the encouragement!

allantiques4me.. thanks for the postive feedback!!Go for it! Let me know if you decide to go back to school for you RN!

lizzyberry thanks!! Just do it!! Good advice!!!

wow! Thanks everyone..it helps to feel supportive! What a awesome group you all are !! Thanks!!!

Hi, Ann!

I'm Susan, and at 51 I started nursing school. At 52 I became a nurse, LPN. And now at 53 I am happily pursuing my RN on-line while I work ina skilled nursing facility.

You're only too old when you're dead. I mean, really, you're going to age, period. Why not age doing something you love?


Hi Susan.. Thanks for the encouragement! Good luck with your degree too! :balloons:

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Can you stand another nudge of encouragement? I'm Don, I'll be 50 in October which will be the third month of my first semester at CC. Nursing is a second career for me. I'll be 51 at graduation, and like a previous poster said, I'm probably looking at 15-20 years of work in a profession that needs us.

Much good luck and success to you!

Sure Don !!Thanks for saying hi and the encouragement! Congrats to you for going back to school ! Good luck to you too!

I think when I met my next naysayer I will bring them here and let them read all your positive feedback!:balloons:

You are never too old to do something you love. Last week, I heard a woman who is 95 years old, graduated with her grand daughter downsouth. If she can do it, so can you. That is 44 years older than you!

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