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  1. katiebugg

    Info about USC-University Hospital

    I would also like to know what the opinions are of this hospital...any thoughts would be appreciated. I do know that they offer the Versant program for the new grads and the pay is somewhat comptetitive, but I would love more information. Thanks.
  2. rosyjo11, WOW!! such wonderful advice from all of the experienced nurses on allnurses, thank you all very much !! I am excited to begin working in July on a stepdown unit. I will be caring for three patients previously on a general ICU, and now in st...
  3. I am graduating in a few days, and off to be a new registered nurse. I would love to hear from experienced nurses about the "BIG" things that they need to remember or the things they try to avoid. Medication tips, or how to deal with patients...anyth...
  4. katiebugg

    Mount Saint Mary's College??

    i am currently attending Mount St. Mary's college, actually, this is the week of finals. When do you hear about acceptance? I think you will get in without a problem. They are selective, but your GPA should be acceptable. Will you be going to the Doh...
  5. Hi, is anyone attending The Mount in Los Angeles..or have you attended and graduated. I would be interested in hearing about your experiences. I am starting my nursing program the end of August. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks
  6. katiebugg

    book for pharmacology/math for nurses ???

    Thanks Christine...I will get these books and study them. appreciate the help!!! Katie
  7. Can anyone recommend a book to study during summer that will help me with math/dosage calculations that I will need to prepare for pharmacology? I am starting my nursing classes in fall, and would like to get a head start on it as math is my weakness...
  8. katiebugg

    Has Anyone Else Heard This Rumor?

    I am begining a nursing program in a few days, and I was told that we must wear all white--100% white. I don't know if that is a law, but surely mandatory for me.
  9. katiebugg

    alcohol withdrawl?

    Hi, Has anyone had experience/knowledge of a pt experiencing alcohol withdrawl. I just dropped off a family member at the hospital today, he will be admitted for alcohol withdrawl. The doctor told me that the mortality rate was 20% from withdrawing f...
  10. katiebugg

    PLEASE HELP! How do I learn to face my fears????

    Amanda, I have lived my life with many fears. Some rational, and others irrational. i am 41 years old, and I will begin my ADN program on Jan. 18th. Yes, I am nervous, but at the same time I am excited. I left a very sucessful career to pursue my dre...
  11. katiebugg

    anxiety about sec. sem.

    Good attitude, the glass is half full. you will be fine...I havn't even started yet...I start next month Yikes.
  12. katiebugg

    anyone else changing careers to go into nursing?

    Amyrae, Well, good for you!!! I am in a similar situation. I am now 41 years old with two young boys at home. I decided at the age of 39 that I needed to be "happy" with how I make a living. There comes a point that no matter how much money you make...
  13. katiebugg

    Mount Saint Mary's College??

    Thanks Spacenurse, just getting cold feet aobut the program I am entering.
  14. katiebugg

    Mount Saint Mary's College??

    Hi, is anyone attending/graduated from, or heard anything about Mount St. Mary's college. I am interested in hearing opinions aobut either campus, Doheny or Chalon. Your imput is very appreciated. Katie
  15. katiebugg

    I get by with a little help from my friends!

    TriageRN, all I can say is that this moved me to tears...very well done. I hope someday I will be so fortunate to work with such a caring person as yourself. Bravo!!! Katie