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Hi! Can I join y'all?


hey gang,

as of dec 24th, i am one of y'all. i graduated this past saturday. i am so excited and nervous. i did my internship in l/d & l/d triage. i fully realize ed is totally different!

any words of advice for a newbie? i love to ask questions, but who should i not ask questions to, if any? any other advice and/or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! thanks!

Welcome to the wonderful world of Nursing. According to Howard Dean, young people are not coming to nursing as they used to. If that is the case, the future of the profession is on your shoulders. You will make a difference. As you gain expereince, remember how you feel today, and like the movie, pay it forward.

Good luck to you It is great that you joined us.

Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My only advice is that it is okay to ask questions as the need arises. People who don't like to answer them will let you know and you can scratch them off your list of resource people. See if your employer has a mentoring program. A mentor can be a great asset. And if you facility doesn't- It is okay to ask someone whose work you would like to emulate. Good luck in your new career.

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:balloons: Congrats moni! Welcome to the profession of nursing! I love being a nurse to my patients, and I hope you will aspire to be a strong patient advocate for your patients for we need nurses who are not afraid to stand up on behalf of their patients.

Ask all the questions you need to ask...........better to ask than pretend or act like you already know the answer or how to do a procedure you've never done before.

If your preceptor sucks, speak up and ask for better. It's your license on the line, so protect it with every ounce of nursing energy within you. :nurse:

:) :) :)

contrats to you!!! you have entered into the best field of nursing. you will do everything that you learned in school and were told "this is how.....but you'll probably never see..." . never a dull moment. you will learn new things every day (i do even after 12 years!). it is really cool.

i do agree with cheerfuldoer; ask ask ask! they only dumb question.....(the one not asked...). er nurses love to teach. i agree that some may not want to answer (they may not know the answer) so just keep asking, you'll find many who will answer!

welcome and have a great career!

magik girl ;) ;) ;)


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I was hired as a new grad last year and I wouldnt work anywhere else. There are nurses including preceptors who would like to see you fail or who dont think you belong there but if you take cheerfuldoers advise you will do fine but it wont be a cake either. It's true, you really have to be a strong pt advocate and delegate to the appropriate support staff. good luck if you have any new grad survival questions you can email me.


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I've been a nurse for almost 30 years, would do it all again if I had to live my life again. I have spent 10 of those 30 years in ER and it is by far the best. Have done administration (ugh!), L&D, OR, Med/surg, ortho, ICU, CCU. Guess everything but psych. I love the pace of ER, the different faces. I work in a very small ER in a very small Ga. town. I like seeing familiar (but changing) faces over and over. Ask questions, read, read, read. I look up new stuff every day. You will never learn it all! And that is the good news!

Hi! Welcome to the ER!! It is the greatest! I have learned and am still learning daily so much from being in the ER. I hope you like it there!!


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congrats on passing your boards!!! i'm totally excited for you!!! no matter on where you choose to go!!!

xo Jen

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