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Hello everyone, I am just curious of how many of you have had ANY experience in the medical field prior to nursing. I have not had any, but I am currently entertaining the idea of becoming a Home Health Aide to get my feet wet. I have currently applied to a few Nursing Schools, but I have to take a chem pre-req this fall. I was told that it may be possible to get into the Spring semester at one of the Nursing Schools I applied to. If not, then it would be fall/04. The place where I am thinking about getting trained for the HHA position provides free training. How many of you have taken this route, or are still working as a HHA while attending Nursing School. Do you think it is a good idea to do this as I wait on my Nursing School acceptance? Thanks in advance for your input!!!


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I am not in nursing school yet, but like you, should be in by fall 04. I have worked as a CNA/HHA-did that for about a year then went into Dental Assisting and worked in Surg areas like Maxiofacial and Perio/Implants-did this for 4 years.

I somehow got side tracked into dental, I wanted to be a nurse, now I'm back doing what I wanted to do. I like that I was able to get this experience to work in a hosp setting and see the way it works, I feel this will better prepare me. The dental experience helped me deal with blood etc..I realized doing this type of work (surg) is what I like.

Good luck! If the training is free and you feel you will have the time to fit it in between classes, then I don't see the harm, but only if you have time.

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I am about to graduate from nursing school in early august and I had no medical training other than some time spent in a vet clinic!

After three semesters in nursing clinicals, I found a job as a student nurse. This has helped me immensely as well as solidified that yes, indeed, I have finally chosen the right profession.

Don;t fret about not having any experience. I will graduate with honors, so it obviously didn't hurt me. have faith in you and your abilities and tackle every test as if your life depended on it! :D

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I had zip zero nada.



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I used to work as a nursing assistant in a hospital and it was a great learning experience. If you got the extra time and since you mention that it's free, I would do it!

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none here at all either

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Before i got my LPN license i had none, except as a patient. Now i finished my RN last spring. If home health is the area you think you will want to work after school then it would be good, but if you think you want to practice in a hospital maybe CNA would be best,, they have tech positions for students that allow you to do more than normal CNA positions do and it is good for getting you familiar with how care is given in that setting. Look into working in the area you might want to work after school.


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I think it would be a good idea if home health is what you want to do. Good Luck in whatever you choose!

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