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:stone Hello. I was wondering if anyone could help me!! I have brainstormed and just cannot come up with any ideas.:uhoh21: :uhoh21:

Our class was broken up into groups of six. Next Monday, each group has to do a 2 minute commercial on caring. We have to come up with a slogan to use about caring like The Burger King one, "At Burger King, Have It Your Way". My group is meeting in the morning before class and we are all supposed to come up with our own slogan and choose one between all six of them. I just am having trouble coming up with a slogan about caring.

If anyone has any ideas, they will be GREATLY appreciated!!



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well, ok, since we're brainstorming and no one will laugh -- right? :)

"Care gentle & kind helps you unwind!" (must be that psych background)

Hey, it's a start, might spark someone else. :)


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"Dare to care!"

But isn't that already in use somewhere?....

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how about"Love to share? Show you care!"or "Make others aware, show youcare!"

We did say no one was gonna laugh right? lol

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To plagarize another poster

Nurses here to save your a$$, not kiss it

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How about" Do your part, show them your heart".

Maggie in NC

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Caring is sharing-I tell my daughter that all the time!

You could emphasize different ways to share and care. a hug, a smile, giving someone a hand in something, etc.

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N-never ending care

U-undying commitment

R-rushing to help you

S-sharing our care

E-excellent care


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I would just like to thank everyone for their ideas!! They are great!!! Sure my group members will think so themselves!!!

Thanks again!!!

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