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Help- White Nursing Pants!

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Oh, good Lord!! You GAINED 16 lbs. while in school?!?! I was hoping that getting away from my cubicle and desk job would help me shed some lbs. while in school?!?!?

I was always behind on my reading, so I wound up mostly on my behind, reading.

Landau makes a nice white pant. Mine have a threaded crease down the front that gives them a nice professional, pressed look without actually pressing them. Nice pockets too.

Also, my vote is for underwear that is more flesh toned. If you are african american or darker skinned, black underwear work well under see through clothing.



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I love walmart pants. They're not too thin, and not too long (i'm 5'3) and they're sturdy AND at a decent price. I freaked out and looked at quite a few uniform shops before my clinicals started, and was happiest with Walmart nursing pants. Figures!

White pantyhose are the best answer to the question. I wear them under my white pants on a daily basis. They avoid visible undies or pantylines. I put on a tennis sock on top of the pantyhose to prevent glimpses at my nylon feet. That is necessary, because I prefer open toed shoes as a part of my uniform.

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Hello, for all you nurses out there who still think wearing white panties under a white uniform is appropriate and not as noticeable, guess again. Instead, try this--wear nude colored underwear. In my non-nursing life, I was a fashion advisor, and wardrobe consultant. Nude colored underwear should be part of everybody's wardrobe anyway because it really is the least visible, but definately when wearing white pants. Try it and see, or rather not see the difference and the underwear.

Here is what I did...

If you think you will not get too hot.. I bought some white, thin "long underware" that even look a little "trendy" for long underware to wear underneath. I still wear them now.....

Another hint... I am an "involved" RN nurse... another words, if my patient has had a bowel movement (large) or is experiencing any other "leakage" I don't leave the patient to be cleaned up by an aid. I am the first responder on many "Code Browns" with my patients and 9/10 times I am able to grab a disposable gown for those "big ones". HOWEVER, I have been a victim of unexpected "projectile fluids" and my pant legs were covered with "stuff". When this occurs, it is always nice to have cover underneath your scrubs. I would hate to be standing there in nothing but a soaked uniform and a pair of string bikini's.:lol2:

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