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I am a new graduate from Florida. Passed exit exam, I was on top of my class. I have new set of worries after finishing nursing program with flying colors. I have a record on my name almost 13 years ago and I have applied to the nursing board of Florida with all the supporting documents. I am awaiting their response and wait is unbearable. I want to ask if anyone had similar situation and how you resolved it. I have been to million websites and research everything possible. I need some reassurance from someone who was in similar situation and they had the issue resolved


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Honestly, the mods are going to see this thread, lock it, and then tell you that we can't give legal advice and no one here can tell you what the BON will do.

So here is my take on it: We have been told that many factors are involved.... (1) how long since it happened - 13 yrs is a LONG time ago! (2) the severity or type of charge and (3) you statement on what you have learned from it. It will take time and you may have to personally appear.

If you look at the FL statutes for the Nurse Practice Act, the charges that make it tougher are listed there. Our school does a background check and submits your records to the clinical sites. If Baptist doesn't take you, you can't do the program (because OB is done only there....which means you couldn't do an OB clinical).

I believe if the hospitals were OK enough to let you do clinicals, then I wouldn't really worry about the FLBON.

Good luck to you!

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FLMomof5 is right: unfortunately, we can't provide legal advice. Please discuss your case with a lawyer and good luck.

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