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My 14 year old daughter attempted suicide by overdosing on Prozac. She was at the emergency room approximately 3 weeks prior to her attempt at the instruction of her pediatrician due to suicidal ideations. At discharge from the ER, we were discharged with a safety plan and I was instructed to lock up all medications. I did not follow the plan. My daughter still had access to her Prozac. Move ahead about 3 weeks later. We got into an argument. She became extremely upset. She took almost the entire bottle of Prozac. I heard her collapse in the bathroom and found her having a seizure. I called an ambulance. She was transported to the same hospital. She was admitted for one week in the Pediatric Behavioral Health Unit for one week. Her social worker reported this incident to DCFS as she was just there three weeks prior, discharged with a safety plan, and I did not follow those instructions. The investigation was just completed and  I was found "indicated" of Inadequate Supervision.

I do not work at a children's hospital, but I am a nurse with a Missouri nursing license. Is my license and/or job in jeopardy?

I would reach out to lawyer and ask them this question, but I do not believe that you can lose your nursing license due to this situation.

Thank you so much for your reply. I am in the process of finding an attorney now. 

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