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(IN NEED OF ANY ADVICE POSSIBLE) Hello, I am a registered nurse originally licensed with a multi state in Florida in 2020. At the time, New Jersey was not yet a compact state and I was ready to move back home therefore applied for and received through endorsement a single state New Jersey license. Fast forward four years later and today I have been a criminal case. To try to be as brief as possible and I am just looking for advice or support or anyone who knows of anyone even that has been in my situation and could potentially have the outcome. I am hoping for. Long story short, I had a position with a hospital and an ICU that was completely new to me as for the first two years working as a nurse it was in a subacute facility. Nothing close to an ICU. On my second shift training with a preceptor I worked 15 hours approximately, no break for food or water, and remember clocking out extremely late. Then left and without any intention had fallen asleep the moment I stepped into my car only to be woken up by repeated phone calls from my mom  way past midnight. This was a dayshift by the way, on February 1. So this arrest actually happened technically one day later practically the morning of February 2. I have a history, a very long and complicated history with auto immune conditions and chronic pain. While I have never taken any medication while working, I do have them as an as needed basis. This does include controlled pain medication. Long story short I was then woken up and immediately startled, yet saw how late it was and started driving home. I was in an unfamiliar area at the time I remember also not having my glasses that I only use to drive and I was approaching that merged into one I hadn't seen. Not only was it almost 2 AM at this point I it was pitch black and raining, I was pulled over and arrested that day for not having my medication's in its original container. This is something I've actually done a lot and never thought twice about it as I always keep the receipts in my glove compartment, which were never checked that day. I was also charged with a DUI and reckless.  The very next day I received an attorney as well as all documentation to prove from both my prescribing physician and pharmacy that the medication in one bottle was all mine and only mine, not meant to distribute, sell or anything of that nature. Though my final disposition has not yet arrived, but is to be coming in the next three weeks, I learned through my attorney that the criminal charges were dropped or will be dropped. I should say pretty much immediately. Everything about that night, let's just say was a complete negligent part on the justice system, and I cannot even fathom that I am even in this position. It is happening what will likely be the result is the dismissal of criminal charges as well as DUI downgraded to only a remaining reckless. Since then, of course the board was notified without my knowledge as I had moved address and had not updated my address on the Nursing board. Therefore it appeared so I had failed to respond to their initial letter which basically seems like is the same letter anybody would get in my position the moment a DUI occurs. Or criminal charges I don't know which. I kept working with my attorney and the first time I had heard from anybody from the board or ramp was when I got an email from ramp a month later saying that I had not responded to the initial notice, therefore was flagged at the time. the lawyer that I have does not work or specialize in medical licensure and I have obtained an additional attorney that specializes and works directly with the board. It appears as though given the aggravated level of these charges, no matter that they are dropped, does not mean anything when it comes to ramp. My Nursing attorney who specializes in defending licenses, has been working with me and is basically telling me that once we reach our disposition, we have a one shot chance to fight the avoidance of ramp. This program is simply not an option for me not only because I am without any more money or not working (I lost the ICU job. I had shortly after the arrest, which I presume they too were notified. I was still within the 90 day probationary. So they really didn't have to give me a reason.) I have been on medication's of controlled nature for over seven years now and have made tremendous progress with my current prescribing doctor of five years that has helped me decrease my dosage by 50% and I take my medication only on an as needed basis once again, never at work, never in the past either. I know that my board specializing attorney does have a contact within the board, but it seems as though my chances are still slim like he said we have a one shot chance which we will be presenting not only the disposition, but also letters written from my current drugs/alcohol counselor that I was referred to by my regular attorney, as well as my prescribing doctor stating that I have not had now or in the past any current history of drug or alcohol abuse, both entities have also drug tested me on either a random, weekly, or monthly basis. Is there any chance at all, even in the short chance of a miracle that I can possibly be given a second chance and not have to go to ramp? (This also includes their ramp evaluation, as I see here once that happens, ramp itself happens) please help if anyone can thank you 



( I apologize for all the typos I was using voice to text .)

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