HELP quick,,,+ for drug test should I quit before results are back?


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I am so ashamed!!!

Just came back from 2 week vacation in Jamaica, well, I have to admit indiscretion concerning ganga. Returned to work 2 weeks ago and last Fri got hit with random drug test, no way out of it so peed in cup. Went home bought at home test....really believed it would turn up negative for THC..(been 2+ wks)'s positive.....this is not my normal behavior, been nurse 25 yrs, multiple drug screens with no worries as I knew I was my questions

1. Do I go in to work tomorrow and resign BEFORE results come back? (Zero tolerance policy)

2. What do I say as why I'm leaving? Do I confess?

3. What about Ky BON?

HELP HELP HELP..........already screwed my life up by a stupid decisionon vacation can't afford another mistake!!!!!!

TIME IS SHORT PLEASE REPLY ASAP if you have any advice.......Thank you


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It sounds like you might be familiar with your hospital's policy about drug testing etc. It might be helpful to revisit those policies. If indeed the test comes back positive, I imagine, they will report you to the BON. But I emphasize, you need to check the policy book.

It really is a sorry state of affairs, where companies are doing random urine checks. I've worked as an engineer in the automotive field and that is not done in our world, not even for the hourly guys. I did have to submit a hair sample when I first was hired in.

As for question 1, you may not get the chance to quit, if indeed the test is positive. I'm sorry these are difficult questions to answer. But my guess is, if positive, they MAY fire and report you to the BON. Some people will tell you to self report, it looks better. Just go to in work and see what happens from there. Not really an answer but you just to wait and see. I'm sure you're panicking and anxious, normal responses. I know I would want to know right now what is going to happen.

Is the first instance of drug or alcohol use for you?

I'm so sorry for your predicament and can feel your pain. I was in your shoes 22 years ago. was found diverting and was fired that day and they reported me to the BON and my license was suspended for 6 mos. I found another career as a mechanical engineer and have worked in that field since 1993.

Hope everything goes well and if they do report you before you can then get yourself to a treatment center or be evaluated by a therapist to see if you have a substance abuse problem.


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Is it regular policy for your facility to do random drug tests??


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Thank you sooooo much for answering my plea......I am a wreck, and yes it is their policy to do random (they say computer selected) drug tests at work,

I am afraid that if I discuss this with the "boss" then it will is essence be a confession, (moot point since they already have my urine), and when/if I face the BON, it can be called into the discussion. And to answer other questions.....this is the one and only time I have ever or will ever test positive in 25plus years of nursing ..pre-employment, random, etc....Oh, do I regret my actions in Jamaica on vacation!!!!!! Really believed that by the time I returned to work my system would be clean....guess you have to have a problem with this stuff to KNOW how long it would remain in my system.

So I have to decide IF I resign tomorow before the results come back in.

Thanks for listening!!!!


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Marijuana stays in your system for 14 to 50 days. It would have been nice if you had did your homework before indulging. But it is too late for that. It's in the past. Nothing you can do to change that. It also seems you would be a prime target for a urine test if you were on vacation.

I'm pretty sure regardless of whether you quit or not, the incident will be reported to the BON. It may be best to go in and see what happens. I'm not so sure you should quit. It will be a lot harder to find a job if reported and you're in some sort of program with the state. Maybe your hospital will work things out with you, if you have had no other dirty urines and are a good employee.

It really doesn't matter if you "confess" since you already failed the urine test. What you might tell them is, the circumstances of what happened.

Let me know how it goes. I assume you go back to work on Mon and you won't get any sleep tonight.


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Resigning doesn't necessarily mean the hospital won't report you to the board. Since marijuana is an illegal drug, they may still be required to report you.

I'm a peer advisor in Ohio (for nurse anesthetists) and a recovering addict. If you contacted me, the first thing I would recommend is to contact an attorney with experience in dealing with the Kentucky board of nursing. This not something for you to just "wing it". The things that happen over the next several weeks will have significant impact on your license and your ability to practice nursing. You are a professional who needs a license in order to practice, you need an attorney to advise you in this matter.



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On second thought, you might to check with an attorney. There are attornies out there who are former RN's.

CHeck out this website:

This firm is in your state, KY

It might be a little premature. A thirty minute consult is $100, might be worth it.

I had my license suspended and went back and reaplied for reinstatement and hired an attorney. She was familiar with the BON and knew all the ins and outs. I had my license reinstated in Dec 2007.

Hang in there!!!!!!!!


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Well you are soo right about no sleep, do think the advice to seek attorney is good, just wish I knew

if i did "explain" , if that would somehow be used against me? Or just go in resign and not say a thing about it

and maybe a miracle will happen they will just say "good riddens?"

This is a bad nightmare............thanks again for listening. And any other advice you might have!!!!

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I would not volunteer any information which could possibly be used against you. I'd keep my mouth shut.


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We are not allowed to give legal advice on this site per TOS. Sounds as if you were aware of the consequences of illicit drug use with your employer. You need to find out what your employer will do when they get the results. One would hate to advise you to resign, then it turns out that the results turn up negative. Only you can make this decision.

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This thread will almost certainly be closed very soon. As above no legal advice can be provided here. I strongly agree with the suggestion that you contact an attorney BEFORE SAYING ANYTHING! You may have an opportunity to challenge the results of the test and/or be retested (drinking lots of water is good for your health). Don't over panic the BON may have programs for nurses in this kind of position. As I am sure you will be up worrying try looking at the BON policies and programs online as well as those of your employer. Again talk to a legal professional before making any statement. Obtain copies of any material related to the incident. Don't panic, mistakes are made, they can be learned from and resolved. You may want to cleanse your system of the toxins you have been exposed to with an appropriate product.

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It's not the mission of to advise anyone how to circumvent a drug screen.

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