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I am so stressed right now, my qbank scores are always 58%-60%, but my diagnostic test was 68%. What am I doing wrong, I can always,always narrow the answers down to two, but I pick the wrong one and I dont know if their decision tree applies to every question. Any advice????:confused::twocents::up:

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I know how you feel. I was stressing out a lot too, but I just keep practicing and I see my scores slowly going up.

I got a 63 on my diagnostic and readiness test, so BORDERLINE. I was scoring 50s on qbank, but I started reviewing and studying the area of my weakness and im getting 60-75 now. My question trainers are slowly going up too. From a low QT1=51, QT#2=53, QT#3=57, QT#4=62. I am taking my QT5 and 6 this week and 7 before I take my NCLEX.

Do you use other sources too? I use Hogan and Saunders. I was scoring 65 on the chapter exams before. But I am scoring 75-90 now. I hear these books are on the easier complared to Kaplan and that the Kaplan is the closest to the NCLEX. Just keep at it. We can do it. When do you take your NCLEX? I take mines next month.

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You sound exactly like what I was going through! Always comin down to two answers, and then picking the wrong one! I never scored higher than my I did on my diagnostic test. Lol! And my overall qbank score was 60% My question trainers were 50s-low 60s.

But girl, I passed. :-) In 75. So, just keep doing those questions and read all the rationales! And if you don't know why you got it right or wrong, read about it in the book! It'll help you create a foundation of that particular subject which might help on the NCLEX. Good luck!

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Just to add the OP passed last week


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Hey there,

Don't worry about the Diagnostic score. The teacher told us that anything over 60 is usually an indicator that you will pass the NCLEX. I know it becomes frustrating and you don't even want to do the Qbank when the score seems so low, but the practice does help. Don't be so hard on yourself.

Good Luck,

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There decision tree applies to like 10% of the questions. I wouldn't use it on every question! When you narrow it down to two, remeber to reread the question and think about what hte question is really asking you and than you will come to the answer. I scored about 58% on my qbanks. and i flucuated, thats normal. The point of the questions is to really understand how you are testing, not what the score is, so take your time and understand what they are asking.


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You need to relax because you are investing a lot of energy and time in being stressed out.


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I also have that same problem. It's easy to get it down to two questions, but the issue is deciding between the two. My advice is just to continue to answer questions, the more you answer, the easir it gets to narrow them down, you get a better feel for the right answer according to nclex.

I have decided to study one section fully i.e. "safety and infection control" and then once I am finished studying the material and know it well, then I spend the next couple of days taking the Qbank Q's on that section. This has helped me to improve my scores, my average is 68%. I also make note cards over topics that I come across on the Q bank that I want to remember to include in my studying. I think studying this way gives a more accurate picture of how you are really doing b/c as you are taking the test over a section you have studied, and you know that your score is coming from the info you really know, not a score from guessing... which won't help you know if you are really prepared for the exam.


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Oh yeah, and no, the decision tree doesn't apply to every question. Use the tree to help you when it applies, but, unfortunately, for the majority of the questions you just have to select the best outcome. The more practice you have at answering the questions, and reviewing the rationales, the better you will get at this.


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Please dont be discouraged.....I come to this site to have some confidence in myself. say it to yourself 'you can do it' as many as times u can.....I do that....although there are times I feel like I can never pass this, but I know I can...nothing is the thread of 'coolnovember' can do it...:o))

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