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Hello allnurses!

I am a first semester nursing student and brand-new to! I am looking for help on a tricky abbreviation.

It is simply the lowercase letter "p" The directions say to add a line over the top of this one. I have browsed some online resources and Mosby's Dictionary of Medicine, Nursing, & Health Professions, but I am coming up empty. Would this be post/after, if it has the line above it?

Any help or direction is appreciated. Thanks!




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yes :D

It does mean after. C with a line is with, A with a line is before (although you don't really see that one).

All three are from the latin: p is "post" (after), a is "ante" (before, as in "antepartum"), and c is "cum" (with). When used as stand-alones they have the little lines over them. With buddies, not so much: for example, ac or pc, before or after meals (the c is for "cibum," food).

You can get inexpensive medical transcription texts that give lists of these things, or find them in a good medical dictionary online or in hard copy. Most medical terminology derives from latin and greek, and the listings will generally tell you the derivations. If you get a handle on common prefixes and roots, you can go a long way to understanding what you're reading.

Thanks GrnTea and Sanuk :)