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Sanuk has 8 years experience and specializes in ER.

Native Texan currently living in a suburb of Dallas.

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  1. Need advice on this offer..New Grad

    Threads like this are depressing to me :) When I tell people that I am going to school to be an FNP, they all respond that I must be excited about making more money. I have to tell them that in all likelihood I will make less than I currently do (...
  2. Lab Values - Help please!

    I agree with the above poster - every hospital where I have worked has slightly different acceptable ranges for some labs. Just know the standard of where the value should be and you will do fine.
  3. holiday pay this year-what??

    We get double pay on 12/24, 12/25, 12/31 and 1/1 plus the weekend diff which is $9/hr plus my night diff which is $5/hr. And we also get paid the 8 hrs of holiday pay (if you're off that day).
  4. New Grad, Should I Take the Job?

    My advice: take it. Have you read all the posts here about new grads who can't find a job a year after graduation? If you absolutely hate it, you're at least gaining valuable experience you can use to move to another position later.
  5. What in the heck are private LPN programs?

  6. Working with student nurses

    I actually had the funniest mental picture of a nursing clinical hunger-games style obstacle course with the finale being "tell the nurse what she's doing wrong." Other obstacles could be: avoid getting the pt with c. diff, give a bed bath without...
  7. Working with student nurses

    I don't get a lot of chances to work with students because I work nights and also because we don't get as many in the ED, but I try to remember how nervous I was as a student and put them at ease if I can. It helps that the students that come to our...
  8. NS at 125 ml/hr is not an ER order

    dthfytr, That's the nicest thing someone has said to me in quite some time! Thank you so much - I may print that out just to give me a boost on those rough nights. :hug: I think I'm blushing now.
  9. CNA hours during Nursing Pre-reqs

    It's been a while, but when I was in school I worked 7p-7a fri,sat and sun and went to school mon-thurs. Not ideal, but I really didn't have a choice.
  10. NS at 125 ml/hr is not an ER order

    Oh, don't worry. They're still gonna get stuck. A heplock will work just fine.
  11. NS at 125 ml/hr is not an ER order

    I actually do care. For the patient with a 2 hour workup in the ER, I am giving them about 150ml of fluid. They were drinking water at triage, will likely go and drink water after discharge, and they needed 5 oz of IVF? How much does a liter bag of N...
  12. NS at 125 ml/hr is not an ER order

    Thank you for the much-needed chuckle today. I have a new doctor we're breaking in who continues to order rates of 125, 100, last night I got 75cc/hr order on a 30 something belly pain. Really, dude? I've been breaking out the dial-a-flo more time...
  13. TWU in Denton NP Program OR UTA NP Program

    I'm just now seeing this!! Could've used that drink. Yikes, I did better on the first test that so many people bombed than I did on the second. Are you in the Denton section or Dallas? To someone else's question, since I'm in the bridge section, I t...
  14. what vital signs do I need to perform?

    I sense a consensus here Really, though, if you're ever in doubt about what VS to take, take them all.
  15. Questions about abuse...

    When I am triaging a patient in the ER, I take them to the BR to get a urine specimen (we get them on virtually everyone ) and ask them while we're there or en route. I preface it by saying I prefer to ask certain questions in private - ask about we...