Help! I took the Nclex-PN once and failed need tips

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Hi, I'm new here but I need some help. I've taken the Nclex-PN once and failed back in July 2010. I'm going to be taking it again in about 45 days and I've been studying like a mad woman using a combo of Saunders and Kaplan. Can anybody give me some helpful hints or tips for the NCLEX-PN?

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I took a Hurst NCLEX review. I thought that was very helpful to prep with. Other people I know swear by Kaplan.

You can find plenty of help on the NCLEX forum.

I took my boards a few months ago. I don't know if there is much of a difference between the rn and pn boards. For nclex in general, I suggest taking your time with the questions. Even though the test is timed, you have to slow down and fully understand the question before answering. Also read each answer and evaluate them on an individual basis. If you eliminate answers, you can usually narrow it down to two options. I also suggest taking a formal review class. Good luck to you.

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I recommend taking review class. It was helpful for me. Good luck.

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I found it more helpful to review concepts and notes rather than do 10,500 questions.

I did about 1,000 questions. You can do questions until your fingers fall off but you don't know if those questions are going to be on the test or not.

Thanks! I'll focus on content this time. Last time I answered a ton of questions.

I recommend study content and do your review questions and read ALL rationales, the books that were helpful for me was saunders,kaplan, and priortization and delegatin book by LaCharity...and last but not least Pray!

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