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NuteRN specializes in Respiratory, Med/Surg.

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  1. NuteRN

    Specialty with vacation time

    I don't know of any employer that will give you months off at a time unless it's medical leave. A vacation like that is something you need to do before finding employment. What you can do is talk to the hospitals you were thinking about applying at and asking what their vacation policies are.
  2. NuteRN

    Help!! Having a hard time with wording this dx!

    Is the dx of anorexia supposed to mean anorexia nervosa the eating disorder, or anorexia being the loss of desire to eat (such as in some cancer pts)?
  3. NuteRN

    appropriate interview attire

    I've always stuck with nice pants (something tan, brown, or blue....Never jeans), a button-down shirt (tucked in) and casual or semi-dress leather shoes. If I want to add extra, I'd wear a tie.
  4. NuteRN

    Hospital Technology Question

    Good point.
  5. NuteRN

    Hospital Technology Question

    I have to log in to access anything. But the idea of just swiping in sounds like it would be a time saver.
  6. NuteRN

    Should I quit?

    Good luck with school. Post again if you need any help.
  7. NuteRN

    Should I quit?

    Take notes in lecture, take notes when studying. This always worked for me when I was trying to memorize. It might work for you. Also, try getting a study group together and study chapters together or answer prectice question. You could also see of the instructor is willing to put together a study guide. Hope it gets better for you.
  8. NuteRN

    History of VAP

    [color=#0e774a]i just found this powerpoint for someone else witha vap question. maybe it could help you. [color=#0e774a] [color=#0e774a]www.flpic.com/vap_prevention_cjl_10-08.ppt[color=#767676]
  9. NuteRN

    I have a few questions about the VAP Bundle and trach tubes

    [color=#0e774a]try looking through this power point. it might answer some of your questions. [color=#0e774a] [color=#0e774a]www.flpic.com/vap_prevention_cjl_10-08.ppt[color=#767676]
  10. NuteRN

    Age of graduates coming out of Nursing School!?

    I was 22 when I graduated.
  11. NuteRN

    1st impression/clinical instructor

    Listen to them, do what you are supposed to do, act professional. Pretty much just act like you are starting a new job.
  12. NuteRN

    Opioid Related Respiratory depression

    Do you have any thoughts on the answer so far? Let us know what you are thinking already, and we can help you from there.
  13. NuteRN

    i am not crazy

    Personally, I would have gone back to my unit after leaving the unit I floated to to see what the staffing needs were or if I needed to float to another unit. But when the supervisor tells you to leave, you assume they know what they are talking about. Because they told you to go, and you reported off, I don't see how you really can get in trouble for it.
  14. NuteRN

    i am not crazy

    What shift were you suposed to be working?
  15. NuteRN

    First identifier of hemmorhagic shock?

    I'd pick (A). Restlessness would be because of low O2 sats due to blood loss, Heart rate would increase as blood pressure decreases.
  16. Try searching on Google Scholar. It can help you find articles or journals. I used it a lot in school.

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