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Hey guys Merry Christmas and happy holidays!!!

:eek: My question is this: what do you all suggest to those of us who just got our acceptance letters for school that starts in Jan. Are there any supplies or books we should get now before orientation anything that the schools might not tell us about?

TIA !!!!

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I'm one of those that will just be getting my feet wet in January so what I'm doing is not based on any kind of experience. I've been told that the tests we'll be taking in nursing are not like the tests we've taken in our prereqs. We will be using different kinds of thinking skills. So what I bought, at the recommendation of a second semester student, is a book called "Test Taking Success for Beginning Nursing Students" by Nugent and Vitale. I got it for something like 12 bucks off I'm finding it very informative in teaching study skills and recognition for the kinds of test questions we'll be encountering.

Another book I found informative was "How to Survive and Maybe Even Like Nursing School". Another not too expensive investment that seems might be worthwhile.

My mentor (one semester ahead) suggested I start my readings from the syllabus as well, which I am doing. Not exactly exciting stuff I must admit.

Merry Christmas to you too.:D


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Buy a Nursing Board Review Book and get used to using it now, not just when studying for boards. It will explain everything you cover as a Student Nurse. Second, a comfy pair of Nursing Shoes.

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Start learning the medical abbrevations like prn, ac, pc, qd, qid, bid, tid, etc. We were quizzed on them all the time in first semester. Also, start getting used to taking blood pressures & listening to heartbeats & bowel sounds with your stethoscopes. Most of all---enjoy the time off you have right now---it will be very limited once you begin nursing school!! :p


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I would also say to enjoy your break before school starts but if you want to study I'd say review your A&P unless you know it inside & out. The thread titled " The "Teach a Student Something-a-Day" thread!" that I bumped back to the top also has a bunch of helpful hints - try the search feature and try looking around because I think this question has come up before. Be mentally prepared to have fun & work/study hard for good grades.


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I have the Saunders Student Nurse planner by Susan Dewit (Version 3). Since I work full time, I figured organization is going to help keep me sane next semester. It also has a guide to clinical nursing that has lots of helpful hints. I heard that some schools have this on their required book list too. (but not mine!)

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