Help, how to deal with this graduation fee from EC?

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I pass the CPNE on my 3rd round, but here comes another issue,

I was told I need to pay my graduation fee 495 even I already paid 440 annual fee in March.

I try to explain my situation and to see if I can get my annual fee apply toward graduation fee.

but they said since I paid my annual fee on March, it's been 3 month now to June ( the date I pass the CPNE),

they just allow one month gap if I want take the advantages. so I still need to pay 495 graduation fee beside that 440 annual fee I paid.

I want to complain. I finished all the exam except CPNE last July, and start application on end of july. All I have is this stupid CPNE, it takes me 3 times to get through it, I paid and wait and called every day to catch any cancellation day, but it still takes me a whole year to finish it !!! :angryfire

I tried one time to complain this annual fee, but I just get late fee waved.

here is their reply:

I am pleased to inform you that the waiver has been approved and the $55

late fee has been removed from your account.

Please allow me to explain our fee schedule. All students are required to

pay the Student Services Annual Fee if they wish to keep their records

active in the degree program. Our billing cycle is automated. If payment

is not recognized by the due date, you will be assessed a $55 late fee. If

payment is not received within 4 weeks, the computer will automatically

withdraw you from the degree program. Once your records are withdrawn from

the degree program, there is a $75 reactivation fee, in addition to the

annual fee that you would be required to pay to reactivate your records.

You have three months from the date your records are withdrawn in which to

pay the annual fee and reactivation fee.

Now, it's come to my graduation fee, I need some help and suggestion so I can use my annual fee more effectively. :banghead:


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You know something, if I were you I would just pay them off and get my degree and paperwork to take NCLEX, then be done with Excelsior. You have too much at stake right now to waste mental energy haggling with these people. You should be studying for NCLEX. Good luck.


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I agree with caliotter3's post. I would've been relieved just to have passed the CPNE, and just paid the graduation fee. The did say they will only allow a 1 month gap to waive the fee. I know it frustrating having to come up with extra money, especially since you had to pay for the CPNE x3, but it would be best for you if you just go ahead and pay them and put Excelsior behind you and focus on the NCLEX and being a soon to be new RN!!!! Good luck!


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Pay the fee and get on with your life. You have the NCLEX to pass and taking the time and energy to fight this is poor use of your time.

Good luck


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There is no way around it. Pay it and move on because they won't give you your degree . EC has rules and your situations does not apply to their exceptions. Congratulations on passing the CPNE!

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Welcome to the World of Excelsior. My BSN program left me with such a bad taste in my mouth they will NEVER, and I do mean NEVER get a dime of my alumni money.


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Thanks for your all input, I will pay it for sure, just need vent here a little bit,

I waste too much money on CPNE, almost die on that, but still breathing though :)


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Welcome to the World of Excelsior. My BSN program left me with such a bad taste in my mouth they will NEVER, and I do mean NEVER get a dime of my alumni money.

What happened with the EC-BSN program? Do you mind sharing? I was seriously considering enrolling after this ADN is over. Thanks in advance.

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Unfortunately the only time you can apply the annual fee toward the grad fee is if the only thing you're waiting on is the CPNE, and you pass it the first time. Otherwise the grad fee is in effect. Congrats on passing your CPNE! Good luck on the NCLEX.

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Congrats on the CPNE pass. YAY!!! Traci

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My Excelsior BSN program was fine until the Capstone course, where we had the biggest tyrant for a professor you ever could imagine.

She was petty, arbitrary and hateful, and did not follow the grading rubric except when it suited her purposes.

I ended up on the phone to the FT Excelsior faculty member overseeing our section (this professor was an adjunct) almost weekly, and the reason I came out with a good grade was because she went in and re-graded my stuff according to the rubric.

The FT faculty member was sympathetic to my cause, but the higher ups were not. By the time it was over, we had an "underground" listserv 30-students deep to discuss the treatment we all suffered at her hands, and compare notes as to how we had successfully had our work evaluated fairly...or unfairly as the case may be. Several of us had already consulted attorneys about violations of the syllabus, and therefore the contract between the students and school, as defined by New York State Law.

For instance, I was the editor of the group paper, because I am the APA Queen. I formatted and cited that paper straight out of my APA manual, and she wanted to dock us points because she didn't like how I had cited. The FT faculty member finally looked in her *own* APA manual, on the page number I gave her, and saw that I was correct in how it was cited. I have never worked so unnecessarily hard for a grade in my life.

Several other little things that happened - they don't do "pins" anymore, and I was to get pinned by my mother during church on graduation Sunday, despite my asking them several times - that left a bad taste in my mouth.

They're in it for the money. My education wasn't all that great - much of it I already knew from OJT - but someone else might get more out of it that I did. I have an issue with having to artificially manufacture something to say on someone's post who appears to be barely literate. The class I got the most out of was Teaching Across Cultures and Professional Socialization, not because I learned much, but because it gave me an opportunity to do a couple of pet projects for my head nurse while getting a grade for them.

It got me where I wanted to be - CRNA training - and it was in the format that I needed it - distance education - but the whole Capstone thing was hellish enough for me to not want to ever have anything to do with them ever again.

If I would have had the option, I would have dropped this evil woman's section and taken someone elses...I hear the other students had a MUCH better experience.

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