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Help with answering an NCLEX question!!


There is one type of question I get confused on all the time. I have asked some of my classmates how to answer it, and Ive gotten sereval different answers. I just need clarification, if anyone can help (or understands what Im asking lol)

The question is along the lines of:

There is a disaster that has happened and they give you 4 different patients in the answer choices. You need to free up a bed in the hospital and you have to decide which patient to send home to free up the NEEDED bed!!

I always get confused as to whether you should send home the MOST stable or the LEAST stable. =/ If anyone could help me, I would really appreciate it. THANKS!!!

Send home? The doctor makes the decision to discharge and he would probably send the most stable person home.

yes i agree,,,we would definitely discharge the most stable patient as the others would need medical help,,found in the hospital,,,,hope this helps,,,


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Why would you send home the least stable patient? You would discharge the MOST stable one. I have had several questions like this on school exams and nclex practice tests

Thank guys. I was thinking the same thing, BUT a couple of my classmates said that since its a "disaster" I would send home the least stable patient...the one who would most likely die in order to give those who have a better chance at survival the bed. It always confused me.

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You send home the MOST stable and ambulatory patient. If it were asking of these patients involved in the disaster, who do you see first? Then the people who are dead or will most likely die..you do NOT see first. They are black tagged and are not the priority


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Eboog, That sounds like a whole different type of question. Yes, in "disaster nursing" in the field you "label" the patients black, red, yellow, or green. Black is dead or near-dead, with little to no hope of survival. You don't work on them because you would spend too much time on them while you could be saving the "red" people who are critical and need immediate attention, but are likely to survive. The "yellow" people are injured, but can wait an hour or so for treatment, and the "green" people are stable and only need minor treatments.

In the case of say an MCI though, where you have a lot of people you need to make space for IN the hospital, you send home the most stable patients.

THANK YOUUUUUUUU! You guys have really helped me. I appreciate your feedback!!! =)