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  1. LoneWolfRN2010

    First nursing resume?

    I worked as a CNA while in nursing school, then when I graduated I smiley transferred departments into a nursing role with only needing to fill out a quick online application. I've never actually done a nursing resume. I find myself needing one now and I have no idea where to begin. I assume nurse managers don't really care about my waitress job or my job in auto finance, or do I leave those things in my resume? I've only worked briefly at a nursing home as a CNA and then at two hospitals in the same health system as a CNA and then a nurse. I've been on the same unit for 6 years since I graduated, so I dont feel like that adds much to my resume. Plus I'm looking to change specialty areas, so I would be starting all over! Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated! Thanks
  2. LoneWolfRN2010

    University of Louisiana-Lafayette online RN-BSN

    Yeah I don't think I could do more than one class at a time. At least not to start with. I've been out of school long enough I'll have to get back into the swing of it. I work full time and have two kids, So i definitely envision sitting at Gymnastics practice with them whilst writing papers, LOL
  3. LoneWolfRN2010

    University of Louisiana-Lafayette online RN-BSN

    I definitely don't have trouble with the GPA requirements.
  4. LoneWolfRN2010

    RN to BSN with no clinical?

    I'm looking at going back to get my BSN, as I have an ASN degree. The number of schools out there is daunting. Can anyone help me with recommendations on programs that have NO clinical/community/ field work/practicum requirement? Every school seems to call it something different. I feel like between all the clinicals I did in nursing school and 6+ years of being a floor/charge nurse that I really don't need anymore clinical experience lol. Thanks in advance!
  5. LoneWolfRN2010

    University of Louisiana-Lafayette online RN-BSN

    I doesn't the past couple hours reading this entire thread. I have been researching RN to BSN programs and keep coming back to this one due to the cost, no clinically, and so far my charts with the advisor have been pleasant and very informative. I'm going to do the application next week. Is it hard to get accepted? I haven't seen any info on how competitive it is. I also asked to join the FB group. I'm excited and really nervous to go back to school! Lol
  6. LoneWolfRN2010

    Looking for the PERFECT ink pen ;)

    My faves are by far still the uniball JetStream pens. I got some of their multipens from Jetpens.com, and absolutely ADORE them! I just had to buy refills for them though. That's the only part that sucks, you have to buy refills online from Jetpens as well.
  7. LoneWolfRN2010

    The case of the missing pens: A rant and an idea

    OMG if i lose one of my pens I can no longer focus on anything else until it is found, LOL. That being said, it is rare that my pen is anywhere except in my hand or in my pocket. Nobody borrows my nice pen. I keep a cheapy one for if someone needs to borrow one. After I graduated school, I got a nice-ish pen (pentel energel metal) and had it engraved with my name. It cost me as much to have it engraved as the pen cost, LOL, but it was worth it. everyone knows it's mine and nobody wants a pen with my name on it!
  8. LoneWolfRN2010

    Question for the burn nurses!

    I am not a burn nurse! I need a little help, and hope someone here can give me a little insight. I work in mom/baby, so don't deal with these things! I had a run-in over the weekend with a very hot motorcycle tailpipe. Burned an area of my outer calf about 2" in diameter. It hurt. A lot. At any rate, I left the blisters alone. Due to the location of it however, the blisters broke on their own and drained. Still, I left it alone, didn't pick anything off, etc. Just let it be. I had a Telfa non-stick pad taped loosely over it just to keep my pants from rubbing against it, etc. The blistered part of skin had dried and was rough. My Telfa pad fell off on my way home, and I figured i'd just replace it when I got home. However, the pants I had on today are the type that snag on everything..... including rough, dry skin. when I went to change otu of them, it caught on the dry area and ripped part of the dry skin off, revealing the moist area that had been under the blister. that hurt. My question is what do I cover it with now? Keep it moist or keep it dry? Keep it covered or leave it uncovered? From what little we did on burns in school, I remember moist, sterile coverings. But that was also talking about major burns, so I don't really know what I should do with this. I guess I'll make a run to the Dr's office tomorrow if I have to, but this is certainly nothing that requires a visit to the ER, so for now I am stuck dealing with it on my own.
  9. LoneWolfRN2010

    Things you'd LOVE to tell coworkers...and get away with it!

    OMG! Are you in my orientation!? LOL. I have someone JUST like this! LMAO. Love it!
  10. LoneWolfRN2010

    Any hospital hiring new grads? anywhere in the country?

    I live in FL and many of the hospitals in the SW FL area hire new grads regularly into their internship programs.
  11. I am a new grad and have just started my first job as an RN. I am working in OB Special Care (high Risk mom/baby, Antepartum, whatever you prefer to call it). I have only been on the floor 3 days, but I'm already feeling like I never went to school, like I know nothing. Our OB rotation was very short. Only 6-7 weeks, and it was split between post-partum and L&D, ,but mostly PP. I never really did much if any Antepartum then. My clinical was also at a different hospital even, though within the same healthcare system...still, policies and procedures vary somewhat. Of my 3 days on the floor so far with my clinical coach, all of them have been pretty hectic. I feel like I can't keep up. I don't know enough and can't seem to think quick enough on my feet, thus I feel like I am just in the way all the time, or creating more work for my clinical coach and the other nurses with my needs and questions. The last day I worked I was told to take something I needed to chart on to another computer down the hall and do it, although it was something I have only done once and wasn't comfortable doing alone. I'd sure hate to miss something important on that EFM strip because I don't really know what I am looking at! I worked as a tech for 2 years while I was in school. I am quite aware of the fact that the textbook world is much different from the real world in many ways. Please tell me this is normal new-RN stuff, feeling like this, and that I will soon begin to feel confident in the decisions I make and not need to rely on others so much for help.....?
  12. LoneWolfRN2010

    Things you'd LOVE to tell coworkers...and get away with it!

    I agree with that plenty of people are looking up legit stuff on their phones and using them as pda's, but I think the poste meant the ones who are texting or playing games and stuff all the time
  13. LoneWolfRN2010

    Things you'd LOVE to tell coworkers...and get away with it!

    If you cannot stay awake all night, perhaps you should switch to day shift. Even when I was in class all day I managed to stay up all night. PLEASE be ready for report at 7am. Have your stuff put away and your clip board ready by then, and be done praying for a good day. I'm all for praying to your higher power, but not when it's already 0720 and I've waited while you did a bunch of other getting-ready things that should've already been done and answered a call from your out of state family. I'd get it if it were unusual and might be an emergency, but this is a daily occurence. Have them call to wish you a great day earlier! Where did you learn how to spell? We all make typos, but it's ANEMIA, not eneamia, and IRRIGATE, not igrigate. Just because you have a BSN And I have an ADN doesn't make you a better new grad nurse than I am. We still had the same clinicals, at the same hospitals, on the same units. But if you want to look down your nose at me, perhaps I should remind you my school has a 94% pass rate, and yours is 80%, and your school almost lost their accreditation? But why would I? We both graduated and passed the same nclex! Don't treat the LPN's like they are glorified CNA's and sending them to do things you think you are above. It is so disrespectful. They can do almost everything we can as RNs, and many are using it as a bridge and are in RN programs in this area because it is the only way to get into school around here. I was never an LPN, but I have worked with plenty who were just as good if not better than some of the RNs I worked with! PLEASE stop leaving orders for the next shift. The order was written at noon, or two, or whatever, plenty of time to have done it. Blood doesn't always need to be saved for night shift. Neither does giving an enema that was timed for 10AM. There are a lot of us who hate following you, because you do this on every patient! I really do love the group I normally work with, but we all know there are a few bad apples! It's been that way at every job in every industry I have worked in, and it really is cathartic to vent!
  14. LoneWolfRN2010

    Things you'd LOVE to tell coworkers...and get away with it!

    I'm confused, what is wrong with braiding your hair? How is it different from pulling it back any other way? I'd rather see it up/back somehow than down and swinging into sterile fields and lord only knows what else.
  15. LoneWolfRN2010

    Things you'd LOVE to tell coworkers...and get away with it!

    I don't see how this thread is any different to the ones in the student section about things you would like to say to your instructors or fellow students. Really, calm down. It's truly just meant to vent, and there are always going to be times we all need to do that. I don't know anyone who doesn't. "did you seriously just refuse to help me turn your patient, but then spend several minutes calling the charge nurse to ask where she was and why she couldn't help me? Seriously, helping me would've taken less time!" (this was while I was still working as a student nurse/cna.) Please don't ignore your call lights. I help answer mine. Our techs have 20 patients to our 5-7 It's just wrong to hunt your tech down to put a patient on a bedpan or clean them up. That is part of nursing too, not just "cna work" Did you actually even asses your patients? That central line you just told me about was d/c'd two days ago! How do you chart accurately while talking on your cell to your friends/ boyfriend all night? And to all the great nurses and cna's I worked with... Thank you. Thanks for teaching me, helping out, and being a friend when I needed one. I'll never forget you, and I'm going to miss you all when I move on to my new assignment. I hope I work with as great a team on my next unit!
  16. I agree there. those letters behind a name don't necessarily mean anything. In any field of work!