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Hi there. I just thought I'd introduce myself in the UK nurses forum so I can maybe get to know you all a bit better. My name is Sarah and I'm a research nurse working on a study which is a part of the Colorectal Screening Pilot Study.

I know some of you live in Scotland or are from Scotland originally (hi karenG) so I feel quite at home here. I've enjoyed reading all of your posts and I look forward to getting to know you all better.

gwenith, BSN, RN

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Hi welcome to the board - I'm an Aussie but don't hold that against me:D:

There are quite few UK nurses here and I am sure that if you hang around you will meet most of them.


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Hi sarah

welcome to the bb! can get noisy here.............especially at hogmany!!



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Hiya Sarah,

Welcome to the board.. I too am from bonnie Scotland. Ohhh how lovely the weather has been the last few days.. I too am in research..What part are ye in ???



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Hi Sarah,

Another Scot here

Spaniel gal

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hello Sarah

im a paed nurse in london


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Hi Sarah,


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I'm a Nurse Manager in North Wales!


sarah rgn

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Thanks for all of your welcomes. I feel a bit less anxious now :)


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Hi Sarah,

take no notice of Karen shes defected down South (but to be fair to her remains a true scot), and Karen have one for me Kay has the weather not been fantastic, slight shade of brown, bit red though,.working in Occ Health I get to walk around outside a lot. Gwenith you are everwhere on this boardI think you secretly want to be a pom:

l :roll :roll :roll :roll :

serious problems spelling tonight must be the computer edited this three times now:chuckle :chuckle


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Hiya Sarah,

Afraid I'm a soft southerner, (and a transplanted Yank to boot!) but I do love Scotland (esp. Skye) and I also love your Homer avatar!

How'd you do that?

Also thanks for your kind wishes on my fingers crossed thread!

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