Hello Nurses!! What are your thoughts on the current state of the health care system?


  1. Do you feel you are contributing to pt well-being or treating symptoms?

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      Contributing to pt well-being
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      Treating symptoms (primarily)
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      Not sure

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This question is for all nurses who originally went into the profession to truly help people get and stay well. What has been your personal experience with this? HealthCare or SickCare?

roser13, ASN, RN

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I can't answer your poll because you asked 2 different questions. If I answer yes, does that mean yes to "contributing to pt well-being" or yes to "treating symptoms"?

RNperdiem, RN

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Most of the getting and staying well occurs at the prevention and self-care level.

One of the big factors in the decline of lung cancer was a reduction in smoking rather than any treatment.

People differ in how much they take care of themselves.

Nurses give care to people from the whole continuum- from the non-smoking, regular-exercising, daily mediation people to the people who do neglect and abuse their bodies.

For whatever reason, some of our patients will resist nurses' efforts in helping them get well. Their priorities might not be our priorities.


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In 30 yrs it has gone from primarily age related to lifestyle related illnesses using resources for longer periods of time.

FuturisticLadee, LPN

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roser13, Thanks I see what you're saying. It was originally a yes or no question. I changed it and didn't update the responses. I will try to have it edited


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After 11 years I feel like I am treating symptoms. The system is currently rewarded for patients to be sick not well. Think about it.