Hello every one! How is this semester going!

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hello to all "old" posters and welcome to all "new" comers!

wow! is all i can say about this "fast-pace" semester! clinicals are great! we are rotating to md offices, surgery, and our floor is a "step down" (med/surg) unit.

through all the stress, god is still good and i would do this [school] all over again!

my daughter has been ill, but, she is improving. i don't see how some of you come here and post, go to school, work, family, and keep up with other areas of your lives!

i am so tired at the end of the day from getting up so early for clinical or staying up late studying.

we are having a test every week along with two clinical days and two lecture days. we have two more weeks left in our adult i class and if pass, it is on to ob/maternal nursing the last weeks of this semester.

i just wanted to say hello and much continued success to each of you, whether, pre-nursing students, contemplating nursing students, or nursing students, and others alike.

see you all soon! :kiss

PennyLane, RN

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I'm finishing up my pre-reqs with A&P II and Nutrition. I haven't had class all week b/c of the snow, so I missed my first lecture exam and a quiz in Nutrition. I can't wait until I start the 'real' stuff! Good luck everyone!


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Ok though this semester is all of the pathophys fun so I am having to study more :) I got a C on my first exam (not happy about that) and I WANT an A on tonights cardio one - atleast that what I am aiming for


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Hello to you!

This semester started out really well-paced and then *WHAM*! Everything hit the fan at the same time. oh well.

I'd be a lot better with it, but I got the flu. It's sort of difficult to study for your first test of the semester for Med/Surg and write a 12 page paper for pharm when you're unconscious...or is it just me? Anyone know how long this year's flu lasts?

Other than that, everything is going well. I LOVE my clinicals. We're on the cardiac/telemetry unit at a top cardiac hospital in the SE. The next two weeks I spend in Cardiac cath lab/Gastro lab/with Respiratory and in the OR. Can't wait!

Anyhoo. Wish me luck on Monday's test and I hope everyone else is doing well.


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mmm...I do not have many courses for this semester, however, I am just anxiously waiting to be accepted in the program. I have completed all my prerequisites and just waiting,waiting, waiting......


PennyLane, RN

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Ann, waiting sucks! I'm waiting too.

Julie, good luck tonight!

And Alyssa, good luck Monday! I have an exam Monday, too, plus a quiz on Tuesday.


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Well, I am taking 19 units this semester...trying to finish all the prereqs so I can (hopefully, if accepted) start the nursing program in the fall...I have Micro, Phys, Soc, Eng1A, and Nutrition. The nutrition will start next Tues...the prof had surgery, so took 6 weeks off. I am doing okay right now, and hopefully another class will not put me too far behind on anything. I've had 3 tests so far this semester (soc, phys, & micro) and so far have gotten highest score on all :imbar did tie for high score in Micro, tho.

Have 2 tests this Mon, 1 Mar 4, 1 Mar 6, and then I think 1 Mar 12, 1 Mar 13....:o :eek: :sniff:

If I can get through this semester, I can get through ANYTHING!! :chuckle

Good Luck to All!!!:saint:

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Well, my semester is going pretty good! I did have a setback today...I tried my first IV start and felt like a total dope...it was a no go and I felt totally uncoordinated and retarded. Then my instructor tried and got it just immediately--like she could have done it with her eyes shut. Never mind that she has beeng doing them for 30 years--I wanted my first one to WORK so I can get past that fear!

At any rate...our med/surg rotation is almost over, psych coming up in 2 weeks. I want to get an IV started before I get to Peds for sure!


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I'm so glad to be done with my nursing program. Seeing what you all are going through brought back those 'stressfull' memories.

Taking three classes this semester....but thank goodness they're on a NORMAL GRADING SCALE. Organic Chem is kickin' my hiney. That's OK, I kick back pretty hard myself. Whew!

Wishing everyone good test grades this semester!



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Busy,busy makes my head spin.Dose calculation will likely be my swansong.I know the answers but can't show how I get them. I really suck at math.

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Hi Stephany!

My first exam is tomorrow, but we have had quizzes twice a week since the semester started (Monday nights in lecture and Wednesday nights in lab). I did my first suctioning today in clinical...I know this sounds sick, but I thought it was majorly cool.:D I really should get out of here and go study. Good luck to everyone! :)

I can't believe how fast this semester is going by:eek: this last semester is so far a breeze. The current clinical I am in is BORING. I am doing a 4 week management clinical in a long-term care facility and there is NOTHING to do. The purpose of the management clinical is to shadow the nurse manager. I have only 2 more weeks left and then I will have a 3 week break before I start my very last clinical. We got to choose the area for our last clinical since we will be doing our senior capstone and I am going to be on a LDRP (Labor, Delivery, Recovery, Postpartum) unit. :D If things go well I may also have a job there once I graduate in May. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Wishing everyone plenty of success for the semester!!!

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