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Does the facility where you work provide you with a Health Plan?

By health plan,,,I mean an Insurance package...not some type of account where you can save money for future expenses.

Thanks for answering...and you don't need to name the name of your facility.


PS i have heard of one in my area (LTC) that does not offer ANY of their employees a health plan, RN's included.


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My employer does provide health insurance for employees, but, ironically (this gets remarked on frequently at work), although we work in a psychiatric facility, the insurance provided by our employer includes no mental health coverage/benefits. If any of us need psychiatric help, we would be !@#$ out of luck and on our own.

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I work in a large clinic and we are provided ins. It is pretty good. I think most of the places around here offer ins.

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I work for a state agency. We have a choice between a state-funded PPO and an HMO. We also have flexible spending accounts (the accounts you referred to - I have one).


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we have ins offered to us, but its freaking expensive and crappy coverage. we employ 1000+ employees and have worse and waaay more expensive coverage than my husband's employer, which is a factory and has 100 employees!! figgure that one out! thats the way most pretty much all the factories in my area are when it comes to ins. its sad when a small factory has better benefits than somewhere that it is in the business of healthcare!


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Yes, it's an HMO plan but expensive.

Copays are $20

ER $75/visit

Inpatient/maternity $600/admision

Outpatient surgery $600/event

MRIs/CTs/xrays $100

Prescriptions $15 generic/$30 brand

The hospital I work for waives almost 50% of the copays for the most part if you go to that hospital though.

I pay $54/week for my health insurance benefits. I also have a flexible savings account and put $12.50/week into that. Dental benefits are somewhere between $6-10/week, vision is about $3.50/week. Union dues are $16/week. Then there's ST/LT disability. Overall I pay a little over $400/month for my benefits.

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Currently, as a young healthy male, I have the 3000 basic deductible's free from the hospital, and a BCBS policy PPO.

when I get married, I'll probably move up to the 1000 or finance visits the doctor at least every few months....

Its fairly good coverage for what is offered.


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Does the facility where you work provide you with a Health Plan?

Thanks for answering...and you don't need to name the name of your facility.

No insurance-plan is offered, nor do I want one from work. -

As happy&healthy me, (only 'catastrophic'-help's appropriate),

so I got 2 policies (less than $70monthly) from AFLAC :up: - I recommend this company highly. Good day! :)

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