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  1. imaRN08

    in preparation for an OR interview

    I have finally landed an interview for the OR in the small community hospital I work at for the first time in nearly 5 years. I do not have OR experience or surgical floor experience (unfortunately); but we occasionally get post ops on our unit, mostly bc they have developed htn post op, had an MI after surgery, or have recently had cardiac issues prior to surgery. All I know about OR is this is what I have always wanted to do! In preparing for this interview, I am hoping that someone could give me some direction or advice. What types of questions should I expect in my interview?
  2. imaRN08

    Insensitive managers...

    i was pulled into the office the other morning after my shift and was talked to by my NM bc i "smile too much" WTH???!!!
  3. imaRN08

    Question about DKA

    No. insulin bags should only contain insulin. K is usually included in whatever primary solution like NS with 20kcl for example.
  4. imaRN08

    When to call the Doctor regarding a fall?

    in the LTC facility i worked at, it was policy if the res was not injured and was stable, then the MD could be notified by fax, but it had to be within 24hrs. POA's we notified at a reasonable time. if they were injured (minor like skin tears etc), we had to call Dr's office, or the triage nurse at the office and leave a msg and could notify fam at reasonable time. if the pt required tx like stitches, poss fx, etc we would have to notify triage or office immediately and POA immediately. always make sure to check your policy though. if you are still unsure, ask your DON
  5. imaRN08

    Let me hear your raves

    i love that you learn something new EVERY day. even if you've been in nursing for many years; there is always something new to learn
  6. imaRN08

    Questions about shift differentials

    wow!! u guys are all lucky!! 2nd and 3rd shifts each get $1. i work 1900-0730, so I only get to collect $12 dollars per night total. weekends we get a whole whopping $1 more on top of our already generous differential.
  7. imaRN08

    Uniforms and dress codes

    everyone in my facility is allowed to wear whatever color they want. we all have extra large ID tags that hang under our badges in contrasting colors (dark green with white lettering) that say RN, Tech, Secretary, Chaplin, etc. the only rules we have regarding our attire is no crocs or open toed or open heel shoes. we can wear whatever color shoes we want, but we are strongly encouraged to wear white.
  8. imaRN08

    What do your benefits cost?

    my husband and I have separate coverage thru our jobs right now bc its cheaper this way. he used to carry the insurance until he got laid off and lost AWESOME coverage (FREE insurance with very very low office and hospital copays with NO deducatbles... whatever you had done, no questions asked and no bills ever came in the mail included health, vision, dental and hearing) i pay $45 q 2wks for health vision and dental. health is 80/20 coverage with a $500 individual deduct, $3500 9(i think) if we have a proceedure of any kind done at our hospital, the hospital cuts %50 off the final bill after the insurance payment and then bills us for the remainder. office visit is $20, preventative services are free after office visit if it applies. our drug co pay is $25/$15 i think. some of the costs have changed slightly since today. we get 1x our yearly salary for life insurance free of cost. dental is 80/20 coverage too. used to be 100% coverage except for major dental proceedures. The health insurance is OK, unless you have chronic conditions like I do and things add up quickly. needless to say, my husband needs to get his old job back! just waiting for that phone to ring one of these days!! :)
  9. imaRN08

    Giving Digoxin with an Amiodarone drip and HR of 48

    i have never heard of this.... we have pts who routinely receive both. we also have instances where they are on IV cardizem and amio. depends on the pt and the outcomes (or lack of) they are experiencing. I havent seen it often, but i have had a few pts on both gtts. as far as giving the dig or not... i would have consulted with my peers and also would have probably ended up calling the Dr, weather he wanted to be "bugged" or not. our cardiologists are the same way, weather its important or not, they are still p*issed you call and "bother" them, but they are even more ticked when not called about a questionable medication. there was a reason he wanted it given. what would be an important consideration is if the pt was still in fib or had they converted? we typically notify if they are on cardizem or amio if the HR gets to be around 50; or if they are symptomatic.
  10. imaRN08

    Shift B.S.

    WOW!!! i would LOVE that! my floor there is usually 2 or more admits waiting for us in the ER at the beginning of our shift, and then they usually dump on us again 30 min before our shift ends too...
  11. we recently had a similar pt experience as the OP.... came in with CHF, on dopamine gtt, could hardly breathe or maintain sats on cannula with massive generalized edema. well guess what... was refusing assessments, new meds, lasix, foley, xrays, labs... u name it, the pt refused it. treated us like sh*t, becoming verbaly, emotionally and in some cases physically abusive. they would put on the call light CONSTANTLY, staff would enter and be screamed at for "bothering" them... the pt complained to the CEO that every nurse, tech, lab person was incompetent and no one was doing anything to help them get better... even contacted the BON on some nurses--- of course the claims were unfounded, as every nurse charted everything (thank GOD). the pt was argumentative with every doctor who was on the case, "fired" them all, but then wondered what the problem was when it was said by the attending that if they were going to refuse everything and "fire" every Dr on the case, including him then he could go home since the pt was pretty much not allowing anyone to do anything. one day the IV, which they refused anyone to assess, let alone change, infiltrated. the pt would NOT allow me to intervene with Regitine, stating it was MY fault the IV went bad. the pt would not even allow me to try to explain why this was important, the fact that the skin would become necrotic, etc... the pt didnt want to hear it from the attending when he came up to explain it. all of us documented EVERYTHING!!! pt was also refusing to leave until they were "all better"... stating they would be here as long as they needed to be. well our NM got involved along with administration and social work with no solution. eventually, they left; almost a month after this nightmare started. im sure they are sitting at home OD'ing on sodium, since you know, we about killed the pt by witholding it from them (how DARE us!!) i guess all the Dr's notes state "will not admit, or will not consult, will not treat", etc. also had an incident happen where a pt tried to sue us over altering their Rx upon discharge. usually our docs all do electronic Rx's, but it was busy one days so he wrote on a Rx pad instead. we copied it like with every script and come to find out that obviously the pt altered their scrpit for Vicodin on the way to the pharmacy and blamed us. yeah.... rrrrright... obviously they didnt even have a case. but the facility APPOLOGIZED for the 'inconvienence'... WTH???!!! i love the fact that we can be treated like less than dirt and people can get away with it, and we all just have to 'deal with it.' its sad to say, but it literally makes my day when i get one thank you or a compliment from one patient.
  12. imaRN08

    Excelsior College questions

    :eek: im sorry, but were did you go to lpn school?? i went to college on and off for 7 years, changed my major a couple times, ended up getting my lpn and returning again for my rn for less than 7,500! not that it matters, but iowa does not recognize them as an accredited school of nursing. you can get a education through them, but you must work as a lpn for atleast 2 years first, and then i think you have to do a preceptorship or something like that with a rn after completing the courses and then can sit for boards. i worked with someone who went through that program, and most of it is self courses, but she had to travel long distances to go to clinicals. i have also heard that excelsior is very expensive
  13. imaRN08

    Excelsior College questions

    sorry for posting twice, but i tried to edit here and it was all messed up! and i cant figure out how to delete this
  14. imaRN08

    No nursing station with COWS?

    our NM got rid of our COWS. reason- they're bulky and look ugly. we all have to haul laptops all over with us, which is kind of a nuisance when you have like 10 things to carry into you PIA room and u wanna limit your times in and out and get it all over with in one swoop. i would like to see a computer in every room, wall mounted, with only that pts chart accessable in the room. that way you have free hands at all times, dont have to worry about "using a barrier" in every room for your computer, and you would always have their chart if there is a code. i would def. keep the nurses station. one thing in my hosp i would like to see changed at the station is wireless mouse and keyboards. there are WAAAAY too many cords under the desks. you always get tangled up in the cords and about kiss the floor every time you get up from your seat.
  15. imaRN08

    Wildest lab values you've ever seen?

    glucose 6. pt was alert, oriented and came rolling into the ER (by private car) eating ice cream