Having an upper GI done on Friday


I am having an upper GI (i believe she said something like with renal follow through though I am not certian) on friday. I am a bit nervous. It is wierd for me to be nervous so I would like some good thoughts coming my way. Thank you.

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Perfectly normal to be anxious about an Upper GI. I would be too. Having taken care of many post Upper GI patients they say the test was nothing, absolutely nothing. They get Versed & Sublimaze and it's nighty nighty and who cares.

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Hang in there, honey. You'll be ok. We'll be thinking of you, so please do let us know how it went. :flowersfo

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Do you mean a small bowel follow through? That is another GI test where you drink some contrast and they time how long it takes for it to go "through" via x-rays. The upper GI doesn't hurt because you get the nice sedation.

I have had many of these, no worries. Having a pelvic exam is far worse and you don't get any drugs:)

ya that is probably what she said and i just misrememered it. oops. thanks all for your well wishes. I know it is going to be ok so i do not know why i am nervous.


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You'll do great! I've had two...although I was not mentally in the room at the time. ;-) Versed is truly your friend. Good luck and keep us posted!

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A upper GI with small bowel follow thorugh is where you drink a specific amount of contrast and then there are X-Rays taken to see how long it takes to go through your small bowel. There is no sedation involved. My hubby had to do this years ago and he said it wasn't bad.

Good luck to you. Hope everything turns out alright.


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I remember it tasting pretty bad. Ick!


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I had an upper GI done earlier this year, and I was nervous, too. However, it went great. Being sedated was a worry of mine, but all I remember was a slight flush when the sedative was given to me, and the next thing was that I woke up after it was done. I didn't feel a thing, but I did have to take that day and the next one off from work, and someone had to be there to take me home. I wish you the best.

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Yeah they knock you out good. So good, I totally peed my pants on the first one I had done! They had you in a johnny and you kept your pants on. Needless to say second one I just had done, I took pants off, made sure bladder was good and empty and wore a pad and had spare skivvies just in case!!!

Hope all turns out okay for you and it is nothing serious.

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And you pee neon green too :)

Yup, I can attest to this!!! :icon_redface:

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