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  1. bassmasterangler

    Pay rates

    Looks like New Hampshire is not included in that list, any idea why?!
  2. bassmasterangler

    What is the LNA training like?

    WOW! Holy cow... now if this is for real, that IS a deal. I will follow up on Monday A.M. and Ill let you know how it works out. i really don't think I could manage travelling to UNH and I def cant move there, but if Manchester has the program th...
  3. bassmasterangler

    **Is it really THAT bad!!??**

    You all make me feel so warm and fuzzy inside.
  4. bassmasterangler

    punishment advice.....please......

    HAHAHAH 11/min...either very thorough or dumb as nails!
  5. bassmasterangler

    Decisions, Decisions... HELP!

    HAHA YAA GOOOO RED SOX!!! IM A HUGE PATS FAN TOO!!! I love my job now, but i need more. More money especially! Ya my girlfriend will work more to help me out, but my current job does not allow me to just drop a few hours per week or go to p/t...
  6. bassmasterangler

    Can anybody help me PLEASE!!!!!!

    Here is something that might be worth looking at...
  7. Lets talk figures, what do you people make? I make $0 as a student, lol.
  8. bassmasterangler

    Can anybody help me PLEASE!!!!!!

    Whats the problem?
  9. bassmasterangler

    Recruiter getting tired of my questions

    What would be considered a good sign on bonus for a NON-Travel nurse???
  10. Get married!
  11. bassmasterangler

    Med-error & down n the dumps

    Sounds like the write up is a reaction to a family demanding action. Say the media did get involved, at least the hospital can say you were disciplined and are undergoing re-training or whatever...if they didn't write you up, they would look as thou...
  12. bassmasterangler

    Decisions, Decisions... HELP!

    Wow, thanks for the encouragement! You do have a lot on your plate, but it sounds like your doing great!! I wish you the best of luck in all your future endevours :) I am a dispatcher, ive been doing it for a little over a year and I too have been di...
  13. bassmasterangler

    TEAS Practice Test

    When you say study guide, your referring to the book you buy right?
  14. bassmasterangler

    I do not feel like a nurse

    Get hired as an aide and double dip!! get paid for both. LOL - IM ONLY JOKING!!!!!!
  15. This is my concern too.. I am just starting my pre-req's and Im worried that im going to do all this work just to mess up and do crappy in my science classes which determine if i can get into the nursing prog. how hard is A+P I / II?? how about Mi...