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Having trouble in new job

by needhelppls needhelppls (New) New Nurse

Hi everyone I need advice!

I graduated in December. I interviewed for a critical care job in early February and started in March. I am from the Bay Area so I decided to move out of state for this job because I didn't want to sit around not working for months and because I really wanted this critical care experience. But right after I moved the entire country shut down. So I started this new difficult job during a pandemic and now I'm struggling.

I am having so much anxiety every day. I live alone. I can't go out and meet people or make friends. I don't know anyone here. My preceptor is very tough. I don't think he means to be, but he can be very condescending and acts like I am an idiot if I don't get something right away or if I need help with a skill. I am the kind of person who needs to do something 10 times before I really get it but it's hard to have that luxury in this unit which is very busy. I feel stupid all the time. I spend the day before each shift unable to relax and being incredibly anxious.

All of this together make me want to quit but I don't want to quit (if that makes sense). I guess I'm looking for advice--what do I do? The thought of being alone for another 9 months in this town is so depressing especially with everything going on right now. Is it possible to get a job in CA with 6 months experience if I absolutely need to move back? Again, the hospital is nice, management is really nice and I don't want to leave (I moved with the intention of being here for a couple of years) but I need to know if it is possible to get a job in the Bay area with less than a year experience just in case I need to move back for my mental health.

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Does your organization have employee assistance programs? We have that and a special hotline for surviving Covid. There should be resources for you.

You could simply explain to your preceptor that you need to do something ten times before you get it. Chances are he will understand that and allow for it. If you can't get out of the house and make friends, make connections with the people you work with. Don't let yourself get so anxious that you come off as unfriendly.

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If you research here, you will find many threads on anxiety in nursing.

Compound that with moving, your first job, and a pandemic. Please take previous poster's advice on getting counseling. Can't hurt, could help. We ALL felt stupid in orientation. Do NOT tell your preceptor you need to do something ten times. You should be receiving weekly reviews. During the review, indicate what skills you want to work on. Reach out to nursing education.

I don't know about Bay area jobs that are available with limited experience. You could start researching the job boards to find out.

Best wishes.

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Typically you need at least 1 year experience to land a job in the Bay area

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I really have misgivings about new grads being hired directly into specialty floors. Many hospitals now require a minimum of 6 months orientation on a Med/Surg floor before allowing new grads to transfer to specialty floors like ICU and L&D. On some of these floors, the load is so heavy that preceptors often struggle to provide floor orientation. New grad orientation can be a nightmare for both parties. Your preceptor may be as uncomfortable as you are. they are usually selected for their skills, but doesn't mean they are comfortable in the role as teacher. Try to tough it out until you have your year, then transfer to the Bay Area.