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Have you ever challenged the results of NCLEX-pn

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A friend of mine to the NCLEX earlier this year. She tried the Pierson trick and got a good pop up. She then received a letter saying she failed the exam. She strongly believes that there is a mistake, so do a few of her classmates. Can she request a review of her test result?


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Pearson Vue trick is not intended to accurately determine if you pass NCLEX. Do not use a good or bad pop up to insist that they made a mistake with your results.

Definitely not something she is going to mention to them but the pop up thing was pretty accurate for a great number of people. She was a good student, the exam stopped at 85 questions and she felt it was easy. The classmates who failed were also good students and half of their group failed. That is why they think there is something wrong

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If she thought it was easy, then that probably isn't a good sign. The test is designed to get more difficult as you do better, meaning more obscure questions and more SATA the better that you do.

If it was easy, then she was probably below the passing threshold.

I'm an international nurse. I have 90 college credits as LPN. I wrote my NCLEX exam last week at noon. 6 hours later the board already knew I fail. I was shocked. The exam was not hard and I do think is a mistake. I don't believe I failed and I want to challenge the exam.

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You can complete an NCLEX review and challenge form and pay a fee in order to challenge your results. However, I doubt that the outcome will change. The NCLEX is a computer adaptive test. The questions should get harder as the test goes on until the point for every one you get right, you miss one. An opinion of how easy the questions were doesn't reflect that the answers were correct. The NCSBN is not well known for successful challenges. They test their questions carefully and they stand by them.

Your time would be better spent reviewing the areas in which you struggled in preparation to retake the exam.