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  1. Casey_93

    Is Shortage in Nursing really a hoax?

    It was always my understanding that "competitive" nursing programs were just seeking to ensure as high a passing/graduation rate as possible. A lot of programs lose many students along the way as it is, I'm sure those numbers would be much higher if there weren't stricter standards in place. And also, even if it was a "hoax" the fact still stands that nursing is a hugely in demand profession throughout the entire country. A growing and aging population means that there's a greater need for more nurses of any caliber practicing.
  2. Casey_93

    ASN/RN to BSN in Canada?

    I ask mostly to satiate my curiosity, since I've never had much luck getting straight answers about Nursing Programs through Google. I'm about to start my nursing classes at a local college here in the state of Georgia, and it's to earn my Associate's degree. I plan on pursuing my BSN immediately after I've finished(sometime during mid to late 2020). However, I've also planned on moving to British Columbia, as I've got a close friend there and for the past decade we've spoken about how it would be a good fit for me. I know that most nursing programs in Canada are 4 year BSN courses and 2 year LPN/RPN courses. Are there any that cater to RNs that have their associate's degree? If those programs exist, do they even consider international students? One way or another, I'll be pursuing my BSN and settling in the Vancouver area eventually; I just figured having some kind of schooling in the area would help my chances of staying permanently.