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ASN to BSN Bridge Programs - fewest prerequisites?


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As of yesterday, I just finished my ASN coursework and will be taking my NCLEX within the near future. My plans all along have been to enroll in a Bachelor's program to further my education so that I can have greater flexibility in my career.

However, a lot of the programs I've checked in to seem to have a lot of extra general ed classes required, with one of the local schools needing an extra 11(!). Another school in the region only needed an extra 6, which is more than manageable.

Can somebody give me some insight? What was your experience? How many general ed classes did you have to take in addition to the ones you'd already completed during your ASN/ADN?

It might be possible that my particular program just didn't require very many classes, which might be putting me at a slight disadvantage here.


My ADN requires Micro, A&P1, A&P2, Eng, intro to sociology, intro to psych, lifespan development(psych), 2 different arts and humanities, statistics, and a PE class. My BSN school of choice still requires me to complete 7 other gen ed courses, two of which are Chemistry and nutrition, which seems to be universal for all BSN programs. So, really only 5 extra classes. Another school near me only requires chem and nutrition and most people are trying to bridge there.