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LovingPeds has 12 years experience as a MSN, APRN, NP and specializes in Clinical Pediatrics; Maternal-Child Educator.

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  1. LovingPeds

    Patient Assessment

    I have been out of bedside care for 1 - 2 years now. I recently stayed with a relative during their hospital stay. In the 24 hours we were there, only once did anyone actually do a physical assessment using a stethoscope on a patient with respiratory...
  2. Honestly, I would have a conversation with your current manager first. Transfers within hospitals are common. I would let your manager know that you appreciate the experience and support that is being provided to you now and that you are interested i...
  3. If you have spoken with your instructor and not gotten any more information to go on, then my suggestion for you in this case is to reach out to the hospital's education department. All hospitals have someone who is in charge of clinical placement fo...
  4. Maternal-child instructor here. Several BONs recognized the difficulty in obtaining student placement due to Covid-19. Our BON, for instance, decided to accept a minimum of 10% of clinical hours being with patients and that all other hour...
  5. With my senior practicum I was given the name, the unit, and a contact number. I had to reach out and introduce myself and schedule hours for preceptorship. I think it was the same way years later when I agreed to precept students myself. I received ...
  6. LovingPeds

    What should I do?

    I transferred to an ADN program for nursing. I had all the pre-reqs done for a BSN program and then some. This school required that you had an ACT within the past 3 years. My ACT was 4 years old at the time. I went to the school and asked them what I...
  7. LovingPeds


    I had a male colleague in nursing school who went through the same thing. He was married, a few years older than his roommate, and had small children at the time. He and his roommate became and I believe remain good friends. We didn't judge him for i...
  8. LovingPeds

    Vaccine administration Questions

    I work with the pediatric population. I approach vaccinations based first on age and then on their body language/response to getting a vaccination. For instance, all young children (especially 6 - 7 and under) I automatically have someone help hold s...
  9. LovingPeds

    Are you calling 911?

    It sounds like you did a very thorough assessment. This possibly could be used as a learning experience in order to develop a policy plan for these types of emergencies. From a liability standpoint, if the unforeseen happened and this child did ...
  10. LovingPeds

    Classmates who cheat

    You can't tell by grades alone. You have to look also at content, but grades reflect that knowledge of content. Say someone makes 98% on everything antepartum I give them on two exams and then on their intrapartum test using a new test bank they miss...
  11. LovingPeds

    L&D RN to FNP

    I know of an L&D nurse who never worked any area other than L&D, PP, and nursery. She was very successful in her FNP program and has been successful in primary care since. You will review a lot of information in your program along with multip...
  12. LovingPeds

    Classmates who cheat

    Don't kid yourself that your instructors aren't wise to what is happening. The problem is an instructor can't say or do anything without proof. We have to see the student cheat. We have to take the student's word that they came prepared on their own ...
  13. LovingPeds

    Pediatric vaccine gone wrong

    I can't speak for their actions or reactions. Take it as a learning experience. Every one here has had one. If it ever happens again, you can specifically mention that he didn't get the full dose and show your preceptor and the physician the CDC reco...
  14. LovingPeds

    Pediatric vaccine gone wrong

    I never use the deltoid in a child less than 3 years of age unless they're having to be caught up and have a great number they have to get. I have had to give up to six vaccines for kids who are very, very behind. This is usually children who are aro...
  15. LovingPeds


    A PNP can work NICU, but it is extremely rare. Most prefer (and with good reason) to hire NNPs to care for their critical babies. Most PNPs if hired will work more with 'feeder/grower' babies and well-baby. In areas were NNPs are rare or unavailable,...