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Pediatric Home Health (LPN)

New grad RN with a passion for pediatric nursing.

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Nurse.Kelsey has 0 years experience as a RN and specializes in Pediatric Home Health (LPN).

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  1. Nurse.Kelsey

    Lpn to Rn in 6months

    @Darp7288 and @Born2BAnurse look up this schools stats with the board of nursing. Check to see how many students from this "school" sit to take the test. If it is like 5 or so that is a huge red flag. Do your research.
  2. Nurse.Kelsey

    Nurse Managers: Showing initiative, or being creepy?

    Dont do it! Some recruiters may view your profile or connect... Just dont do it first!
  3. Nurse.Kelsey

    Interviewing blues

    I graduated in may 2019 too with my RN. Even with my LPN experience I didnt get an offer until just a month ago. It is hard. But you have to continue on. I myself went through a good handful of interviews. I made the mistake of not really sharpening my resume to focus on what i wanted (peds), and actually displaying my clinical rotations too. I fine tuned my interveiwing skills by practicing with a friend on my typical answers for common interview questions. Dont memorize answers, speak from the heart. Sometimes who you knows matters as well... See if there is someone who works at a hospital that may be hiring, and ask for their managers contact info. It doesnt hurt!
  4. Nurse.Kelsey

    New Grad Residency Application...What should I do?

    Keep this experience on your resume!!!!! Its great! The experience of vents, trachs, and gtubes all coincides with NICU skills. Dont worry about them thinking negatively about your job you have now. You dont need to justify availability. However, you may have to give more time to the new grad program that you get into. When that time comes you can make your decision of what you would like to do with your private duty case. Good luck!
  5. Nurse.Kelsey

    I don't know if becoming an RN is the right career for me.

    @3ricaaa I used to do pediatric home health. Some of the cases can be pretty laid back with the nursing care they require. You can make a schedule of 1 or two patients that you see in a week. Then theres also home health wound care. Another avenue is wellness nursing.
  6. Nurse.Kelsey

    Advice for a New Pediatric Hematology/Oncology RN

    Oh my gosh @DisneyNurseGal I am sorry it took so long for me to see your response!!! I never got a notification ! Thank you so much for your perspective. As an LPN I did home health with peds, so the whole time throughout RN school I knew I would want to work in peds in the hospital setting. Also, I did 3 months of crisis care hospice as an LPN. My RN preceptorship was with a peds hem/onc RN and I knew it was a speciality I would consider with peds. I know I am going to have to find the balance where I make sure I am doing self care. And yes, of course with the boundaries! It can be a fine line between professional and personal boundaries especially with these special patients... but yes it is necessary. Regarding death and dying... I think I can say that I am comfortable talking about it. I know overall this is going to be a very new, eye-opening, experience for me. I know Ill learn a lot. Im excited and honored to start this journey.
  7. Nurse.Kelsey

    I don't know if becoming an RN is the right career for me.

    Well you do know that nursing has many options! You don't have to work in a rehab, or hospital setting! Dont give up, look into the different settings you can work in!
  8. You are very upset right now, projecting the feelings you have about yourself. Take your own advice: Grow up and move on.
  9. Nurse.Kelsey

    Thinking of Quitting Nursing School

    @Horseshoe Of course some people only go in for the money (not sure if those are the best nurses). I was responding to someone who was suggesting that if the OP didnt need the money then to focus on her kids. As if that is the only reason.
  10. Nurse.Kelsey

    Thinking of Quitting Nursing School

    People dont go into nursing for the income lol
  11. Nurse.Kelsey


    @sweetnurse-13 Think about the possibilites with surgery.... What kinds of things is the nurse going to look at, and help with..
  12. Nurse.Kelsey

    HELP care plan

    Look up what the risks/complications that are associated with vaginal births after c-section. Base your plan on that. Think about the possibility of emergency C-section and what that may entail.
  13. Nurse.Kelsey

    New-ish nurse dilemma

    100% go with the speciality you want. Take what you hear about hopsitals lightly.... I heard so many things in school about a hospital I worked at. Turns out it was a pretty great facility.
  14. Hey I saw you asked about that 6 month lpn-rn program sienna college of health. Did you ever get any additional information on the achool?

    1. Nurse.Kelsey

      Nurse.Kelsey, RN

      If you saw my messages about that you would have seen I am NOT an advocate for weird schools that promise a RN education in 6 months. Dont look for shortcuts with your RN education.

      Please look into local community colleges which will be cheaper, and a much better option.  Look at the nclex pass rates, accreditation, and actually check out the threads here on the schools you are interested in.

    2. rosebud44
  15. Nurse.Kelsey

    Nclex RN

    @nsaintlouis Oh I see. I didnt know that. Im not sure if every state gave detailed reports like that. And yes I took the nclex.