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  1. JOana


    Has anyone trained as LPN in Canada with 2 a years college degree able to get licensed as RN in USA? The program I gradulated is equivelent to the ADN program in USA.
  2. JOana

    Canadian trained LPN

    I only have the option to use CGFNS. They basically said that I’m missing 3 RN clinical courses and the GA board didn’t look any further. Do you know how your classmate was able to assessed as ADN?
  3. JOana

    Canadian trained LPN

    I graduated in 2012 in Alberta and I worked full scope. I have more education than needed but I do believe my education assessment was not evaluated correctly. You need to have your education evaluated and that’s where is tricky. I have applied for a a second assessment and now I’m waiting.
  4. JOana

    Canadian trained LPN

    Well they want me to take 3 RNclinical courses even though they are not a requirement for any GA LPN program. Pediatric, maternity and mental health clinical. There is no way I will be able to take them . I graduated 2years of college and I have 90 college credits but still not enough. I’m very discouraged What package did you get from the GA board??
  5. JOana

    Canadian trained LPN

    Any Canadian trained LPN able to get licensed in FL or GA??? GA board is asking me to take 3 additional RN courses to be able to write my NCLEX-PN exam. I'm a US PR holder.