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Has anyone used the online schools for their nursing pre-reqs?



I'm trying to start the process of starting my nursing education. My local Community Colleges are really impacted for the basics; chemistry, bio, anatomy, etc. I can take my math and English requirements at my local CC.

I can pay big $$$ to go to a private for profit school but it seems like the eduction you get at a non-profit school is higher quality and has better hiring opportunities (IMO).

Has anyone taken their pre-reqs online? example- nursingABC, Johns Hopkins School of Nursing, Marian? Or any of the other schools that pop up on google? I live in Southern California, Orange County area. Any help is greatly appreciated!!!


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Talk to the school where you plan on attending for nursing school. Any college with transferable credits should be acceptable, but it's up to the school you'll attend to give you the final green light for accepting credits.

I managed to take all of my non-science classes online through my local community college. Sciences with labs were on campus. All of the classes were transferable to the university where I did my nursing program.

First off, I would go check the nursing programs that you're interested in and see if they accept applicants to take prerequisites online because they might not like that?

I personally took my prereqs on campus and I did have to take a course at a different campus. If you can travel to a different cc in your area I would recommend that.

My nursing program does not accept credits for on-line science classes that would have a lab component, so you'd definitely want to check with the school(s) you would be applying to for the actual nursing program.

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They are right about checking with the schools you will be applying to. Because some may not allow it for the science prerequisite classes. With that said I took biostats online through Johns Hopkins. It was a great course and accepted at all of the schools I applied to, a lot of work though. Keep in mind just because it's online that doesn't mean it'll be any easier.

I think before you commit to online learning, I suggest doing one class first, in order to test the waters. Some people need a more structured class to learn in.

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I graduated from an ADN program in 2006, and I completed all of my prerequisites online at Rio Salado College.

Once you've made sure the program accepts online, you can look into Rio Salado, like the previous poster said - I took a couple classes from there (Microbiology and Statistics); another option is West Hills Community College. You'll get in-state tuition that way. They're based in Coalinga. I don't know that their science classes are available fully online, but I did take nutrition and philosophy through them.