Has ANYONE graduated from National Medical Academy?

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I attended an information meeting at National Medical Academy. After reading a lot of negative comments about National Medical Academy and learning that you might not be able to sit for boards, I would like to know if anyone has graduated from their program? Is anyone starting classes in July there?

I know in the other thread about NMA BIG_RERE said she and her friends did the program and graduated and were able to sit for boards, but is there anyone else who has a good thing to say about them?:uhoh21:

This program just sounds too good to be true and I truely hope it isn't. :wink2:


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Please stay away from them read my other post


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She never said they took their boards only that they graduated and you'll have a Hard time convincing me they are not Johnny Malone program director with no medical background cousins


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If it sounds to good to be true, then it is.


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Never heard of this nursing program. Where is this program located?:confused:


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It's a scam.

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that is exactly what i want to know. i attended an orientation,when i asked was the school accreditted he said,Yes!...but i cant find any infomation that proves that. i sincerly hope that this program is not a scam. im going to call and set up a appointment tommorow to ask some more questions....as soon as i get some more info i will be sure to post it!


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Here is a link to the state of Michigan website.


If you click on the link under "nursing license info" box there is a link that opens a PDF of every school that is approved by the state of Michigan. This school you are talking about is NOT ON THE APPROVED LIST.

In order to take the NCLEX you need to be a graduate of a program that is approved by the state of Michigan. It's not too hard to put two and two together... Sure the program can claim they are "accredited," but accredited by whom? They could say they are accredited by the dog sitters association of America or something ridiculous, but that won't mean diddly squat when you want to sit for boards.

Please take a look at the list of schools approved by the Michigan board of nursing and contact several in your area. You will likely find one that meets your needs, and the good news will be you will be able to take the NCLEX and be a nurse upon completion of that BON approved program.

I wish you all the best and hope you look at the list and contact the board of nursing before signing anything with this school or giving them any of your hard earned money.:redpinkhe

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i truely agree with u guys,i havent heard anyone passing there state board, all i hear is YES I GRADUATED with cap and gown bt that dont mean nothing if u dont gain the licience.......some people says they gets it from diff state how can you work here by getting your licience from diff state... DOESNT MI has to approve it first.. i mean i m not sure abt tat, can anyone give me some info on tat does it work like tat??????/

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did anyone extually took the nursing board exam who are saying they went to national medical academy beside passing the class?


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I attend NMA in Detroit, and yes, I do know people that have graduated and passed state boards, Both the LPN and RN program. The program is structed similar to the home study program. A lot of personal studing is require on your part. It is set up as a 8-10 month review course. Then you are processed individually to sit for state boards. Personally, I love the program and I hate the fact that people talk against the school and don't know the real facts! The school is not taking anyones money, they get processed to take boards after they pay their money, and when they are individually ready. What is wrong with that? Please!


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Was on the hall of shame tonight. I hope nobody else paid to go to that bootleg school. They are giving diplomas from nigera and taking peoples money.

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