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  1. missy rogers

    National Medical Academy

    what state r u in? when did u grauate?
  2. missy rogers

    National Medical Academy

    Ebenton 07..I have a few questions for u....What state r u from?...When did you graduate? When did u take your boards?..I really want to attend this program, I just want to be 100% sure that is is not a scam.Since the school only meets twice a week, it is totally convienent fo my work scheldule. Thanx..
  3. missy rogers

    Has ANYONE graduated from National Medical Academy?

    that is exactly what i want to know. i attended an orientation,when i asked was the school accreditted he said,Yes!...but i cant find any infomation that proves that. i sincerly hope that this program is not a scam. im going to call and set up a appointment tommorow to ask some more questions....as soon as i get some more info i will be sure to post it!